Real estate: What's your neighbor's house selling for?

News-DemocratJanuary 12, 2014 

Recent real estate transactions in St. Clair, Madison and Monroe counties.



* 9812 Baltimore St.; from Tammy Liefer; to Karen L. Wiesbrock; $16,000.

* 16 N. 44th St.; from Piney Ridge Properties LLC; to Richard Meyers; $29,000.


* 113 Judith Lane; from Marissa Lewis-Wanninger; to Wayne Biggs and Jason Benton; $20,000.


* 1108 Park Drive; from Turner Enterprises Inc.; to Carol Clark; $85,000.

* 432 Sammy Lane; from E.J.S. Custom Homes Inc.; to Jared P. Looser and Monica R. Looser; $152,500.


* 2745 N. 42nd St.; from Roberto C. Avalos and Soledad G. Avalos; to Fermin Munoz, Rocio Vital, Raul Munoz; $75,000.


* 801 Hawk View Court; from Vision Relocation Group; to Christopher R. Weeks and Amanda A. Weeks; $171,000.


* 10906 Upland Terrace Drive; from Stacy Varnel, Stacy Whitney, Tyler Whitney; to Lisa R. Dias; $90,000.


* 7731 Hertel Road; from Scott Giovanetti and Jan Giovanetti; to Curt Hoppes and Taryn L. Hoppes; $36,000.


* 9013 Range Drive; from The Bank of New York; to Steve Thorpe; $3,500.

* 608 S. Johnon St.; from Shawn P. McFadden and Stephanie A. McFadden; to Stacy R. Kinzinger and Steven M. Kinzinger; $105,000.


* 1049 Oriole Drive; from Margaret A. Sanders; to Jeremiah O'Conner and Emily I. O'Conner; $245,000.


* 1076 Cromwell Lane; from Andrew J. Kulp and Wendy M. Kulp; to Peter Davey and Magdalena Davey; $275,000.


* 3868 Winward Way Drive; from Joseph B. Morrow and nichole M. Morrow; to Justin L. Ludgins and Brandy L. Hudgins; $178,000.

* 3767 Winward Way Drive; from Richard T. Roustio Jr. and Sally E. Roustio; to Joshua L. Noll and Megan M. Noll; $171,000.



* 3125 Washington Ave.; from Kenneth Thaxton and Patricia Thaxton; to Blind Chicks Properties LLC; $180,000.

* 4617 Wisteria Drive; from HTFF Group LLC; to Ryan Shipley and Rene Shipley; $156,000.

* 3201 E. Leverett; from Ralph G. Paslay and Marsha K. Paslay; to Jim Marburger and Rhonda L. Marburger; $192,000.


* 110 Nelson St.; from Timothy D. Schuessler and Sarah Schuessler; to Roblee Thorpe and Mildred Thorpe; $86,000.

* 195 Heatherland Drive; from Harold L. Emde and Ellen S. Emde; to Douglas A. Pashea and Shawn R. Pashea; $192,000.


* 501 Josh Drive; from Nicholas R. Fencel; to Tyrus L. Short and Amy K. Short; $148,500.


* 132 Broskydells Drive; from First Baptist Church of Collinsville; to James A. Schwander and Lynn E. Schwander; $32,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 116 E. Madison Ave.; from Maureen A. Kaimann, Margaret A. Lyerla, Eunice A. Lyerla; to Billy G. Brown; $70,000.

* 623 Summit Ave.; from Charles Gallant and Kayla Gallant; to Michael A. Birk and Kelly R. Burton; $157,000.

* 1317 Fred St.; from Todd C. Williams and Toni M. Williams; to Jared A. Boester; $152,000.

* 132 W. Washington Court; from Michael T. Hill; to Andrew D. Kosberg; $34,500.


* 216 E. Union St.; from Thomas Brooke Properties LLC; to Justin S. Zimmerman and Jessica S. Zimmerman; $190,000.

* 1564 Maplewood Court; from John J. Albers and Sara D. Albers; to DAniel Vosbrink; $243,000.


* 112 Forest Grove Drive; Bryan S. Hahlbeck and Samantha Partridge; to Daniel H. Mabry and Ashley Y. Mabry; $323,000.


* 1106 Merlin; from Regions Bank; to Carl Crumer Jr. and Kelly R. Crumer; $89,500.

* 1530 Colonial Drive; from Junior Daves and Gloria Daves; to Andrew C. Beiser; $115,000.


* 3028 Iowa St.; from Jesus Lopez, Gibriela M. Briagas, Madelos A. Briagos; to Timothy R. Barnes; $70,000.

* 20 Wilson Park Drive; from HomeInvestors LLC; to Kyle Dodson; $109,000.

* 2825 Edgewood Ave.; from Leona M. George; to Matthew R. Camren and Jessica M. Camren; $50,000.

* 1911 Lynn Ave.; from Craig L. Edwards; to Deborah E. Tague; $102,000.

* 4176 Highway 162; from Jason P. Zeisset; to Imboden Properties LLC; $90,000.


* 2083 Briarbend Court; from Osborn Homes Inc.; to Robert B. McKay; $180,000.

* 2093 Briarbend Court; from Osborn Homes Inc.; to Janice M. Boyer; $181,000.

* 811 Westwood Village; from Patricia A. Barnett; to Michael Matikitis; $97,000.

* 4206 Nepute St.; from Piney Ridge Properties LLC; to Integrity Home Buyers LLC; $93,500.


* 605 Whippoorwill; from Bruce O. Emig and Phebe Emig; to William F. Day Jr.; $175,000.


* 420 Crestview Drive; from James W. Marburger and Rhonda L. Marburger; to Sarah Jones; $112,000.


* 8820 Wildwood Drive; from Janice M. Boyer and Marvin J. Boyer; to Christopher R. Vaughan, Meleah J. Vaughan, David C. Sheilds, Connie J. Sheilds; $192,500.



* 9078 D Road; from Norman H. Wessel Trust; to Gregg Crawford; $90,000.

* 112 Lookout Drive; from Angelica K. Caber and Kevin S. Caber; to Brent C. Dill and Tiffany A. Dill; $177,500.

* 623 D Road; from Lynne M. Huffman; to Craig R. Opel and Therese D. Opel; $230,000.


* 206 Columbia Ave.; from Brent Dill and Tiffany A. Dill; to Linda L. Matt; $115,000.

* 307 S. Market St.; from Deutsche Bank; to Lana Sutton and Myron Sutton; $36,000.

* 734 Hartman Lane; from Emily A. Prosise and Jeffrey A. Prosise; to Jennifer L. Schlemmer and Ned A. Schlemmer; $200,000.

* 123 W. Mill St.; from F O R Corp.; to DKK Properties LLC; $165,000.

* 707 Willow Lane; from WOM LLC; to David F. Batts and Karen G. Batts; $125,000.

* 1344 Fieldstone; from Everbank; to Victoria Dentamaro and Nicholas Goodman; $150,000.

* 1114 Oak Creek Lane; from T A P Builders Inc.; to Cherri L. Davis and Ricky H. Davis; $225,000.

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