Goin' Postal: Columbia man takes over shipping business

January 13, 2014 

Name: Bill Beever

Job: Owner, Goin' Postal at 873 Illinois Route 3 in Waterloo (618-939-6002/www.goinpostal.com)

Outlook: "It's a lot of hours that we have to put into this, but we look at it as a new business growing. The hours you put in is what you get out of it."

Columbia resident Bill Beever was looking for a business to call his own when he found a franchise of a shipping business near his home in Waterloo. The business, Goin' Postal, had been open for less than a year when Beever purchased it from the initial owner and started operating it last month. Aside from mailing packages, his business also provides copying, printing, faxes and builds boxes. Goin' Postal also provides fingerprinting and concealed carry service for law enforcement agencies. He recently invited business writer Will Buss to his new business to talk about his new venture:

Q: What were doing before you decided to get into this business?

A: "I was working at a job in St. Louis. I was working a lot of hours. I have a business administration degree and I was with the military. I did 32 years in the army. I retired in 2011. After I retired, I said, 'Somehow, I want to buy myself a business.' So I went to work at a job in St. Louis for a technology company and I was working a lot of hours, and I told my wife, 'Let's do our own business.'"

Q: How did you find Goin' Postal?

A: "I went online and saw that this business was available. I was looking in the Waterloo and Columbia area. I talked to the owners and they said they were ready to sell it. They had been running it for about 11 months. We decided to take it over from them."

Q: How long have you been at it?

A: "We've been here since Dec. 1."

Q: Is this business part of a chain?

A: "It's a franchise. It's a franchise that's in Zephyrhills, Fla. There are about 350 stores right now throughout the United States. Our primary job is shipping for Fed Ex, UPS, UHL and the United States Post Office."

Q: What have you learned about the business since taking it over?

A: "Customer service, helping people and just the understanding that it was a business that this area needed and wanted. There was a profile done for this area and this was the number one product they needed in this area for customer service."

Q: How is business?

A: "It's great. We still have a lot to learn. Customers service and the clientele we have here is awesome. We have probably had 70 percent of the people who have come in are new clients who have never seen us before."

Q: What have you enjoyed most about your new endeavor?

A: "Helping people. It's a different challenge every day, whether it's packing a box, shipping a box, and now we're doing fingerprinting and we're meeting new people and being part of the community here, being part of the Chamber of Commerce in Waterloo."

Contact reporter Will Buss at wbuss@bnd.com or 239-2526.

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