Can't even run a bordello

January 13, 2014 

Well, I see that Jim Walters finally put into words that he is a Socialist and likes the government controlling healthcare. He says that we are the only country that does not have socialized medicine. I say that being the only country doing something is not necessarily a bad thing: we have a Constitution that would not fly in any other country. Many countries that are free to do their thing can thank the U.S. for that freedom.

When I lived in California my employer provided Kaiser Permanente health coverage which was a type of socialized medicine. When you went in for a physical you followed a red, yellow, or blue line painted on the floor to various rooms in the hospital and had tests done by technicians or nurse practitioners: you never saw a doctor. When you made an appointment you never knew if you'd see a doctor or a nurse practitioner and you never saw the same one twice. Doctors worked 40 hours per week and were on salary. Some doctors liked these hours but it also drew a poorer caliber of physician. The program worked fairly well until the State of California gave this coverage to farm workers (some were legal: most were not). Then the waiting rooms were full everywhere in the hospital and the treatment suffered tremendously. I finally dropped out of that plan and subscribed to a regular health plan where I had a family doctor who I liked. The premiums were about the same.

I find it hard to trust a healthcare plan that has been lied about for 5 years by our own president and passed into law under duress.

In Sparks, Nev., was a bordello named The Mustang Ranch. It was confiscated by the U.S. government for back taxes and the government decided to keep it open and operate it. Guess what? It failed. Now if you can't successfully run a business whose only products are sex and whiskey, how the hell are you going to run a national healthcare system?

Jim Bonnevier


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