Homosexual dynasty

January 13, 2014 

I stand with Phil Robertson, and stand tall.

I stand with thousands of Americans who are offended at the actions of dedicated homosexual cabals. A&E should be leading the line of organizations that lose so much business because of their intolerance for traditional Americans who are tolerant, religious and patriotic.

Groups who prey on Americans, depriving us of our freedoms of speech, assembly and our business, have to be resisted.

I immediately sent a long e-mail to A&E, telling them that everything Phil said was knowingly true and non-accusatory and within his and our rights of freedom of speech.

For A&E to take this action is the clarion call this country has needed. A&E's actions are the straw that broke the camel's back. We have watched as these intolerant homosexual groups have co-opted our politicians, put bakeries and photography shops out of business. The schools have bullied and harassed students who resisted the homosexual class lessons, forcing conservative students out of school. It is obvious homosexuals think non-homosexual businesses have no right to stay in business, so I am sure these people will appreciate and applaud our efforts to not bother them by refusing to spend our money in businesses that seem to allow openly homosexual people to serve us.

Funny, this sounds extreme for us, but it is normal for them to harass our businesses, our military and our schools. They don't want us in society; surely they can do without our business.

Adrian P. Heuermann


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