Murray residents not all same

January 14, 2014 

I stand with state Rep. Charlie Meier in challenging the low-slung allegation that the attorney for the State of Illinois, Thomas Ioppolo, has made. To wit, that the Murray Parents Association's interest in continuing the care of their loved ones at Murray is driven by its employees.

The State Department of Human Services wishes to cover all Murray residents with the generalization that they will "do better" in the community. Parents know differently, and professionals of all disciplines recognize the needs of the profoundly mentally disabled as being different from those who benefit from community programs and placement. In its arguments the state makes no distinction.

Add to that the fact that Derrick Dufresne's contract with the state benefits him when his outfit assesses a Murray resident as needing community placement.

If Ioppolo is alleging conflict of interest, maybe he should "follow the money."

Richard Wagner


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