Time to face red menace

January 15, 2014 

Now we know. There may be commies among us. Yes, right here in river city, we've at least got pinkos who refuse to sign the optional loyalty oath.

Of 28 candidates for St. Clair County government seats, three -- yes, nearly 11 percent, might be reds. They've refused to swear they are not affiliated with a communist organization or that they won't seek the overthrow of constitutional government by force.

You know, these folks could clandestinely meet and organize and make bad things happen to our St. Clair County government.

They could:

* Try to incite unrest by saddling us with millions in debt for some fly-by-night scheme that threatens our very ability to provide basic services and protect order.

* They could corrupt our elected officials, maybe even getting them hooked on drugs.

* They could ignore the rule of law and laws of economics in our poorest communities, reducing those citizens to minions that they minimally appease to maintain power.

Oh, they are an insidious lot. Wily. Destructive.

Wait. We are talking about commies. Right?

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