When jobs are just a memory

January 15, 2014 

There's a lot to be said about our politicians, 95 percent of which couldn't be printed here. Now there is talk about extending unemployment again. Why are we not talking about bringing jobs backs?

President Clinton ratified NAFTA -- goodbye, American manufacturing along with the jobs. President Obama decreed that 30 hours count as full-time employment. This is effectively turning most places of employment into part-time jobs. Just how many part-time jobs should a family have to work to survive?

The Republicans aren't any better. Their idea of job creation is finding another country to go to war with.

It will only get worse. More people will lose their jobs. Eventually, the working people will get tired of working two to four jobs, getting taxed too much, and realize that the American dream is now beyond a nightmare.

Anyone want to take a trip down memory lane to when GM, Ford, Chrysler and Granite City Steel ran three full shifts 24/7? When you could walk down Main Street and buy shoes, shirts, suits and dresses? When restaurants weren't fast food or a franchise?

When people were buying houses, not getting foreclosed on? When people had time and gasoline to take a ride out in the country?

This wasn't "Leave It to Beaver," this was real America.

Bob Anderson


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