Dismissed: Candidate will face others on County Board ballot

News-DemocratJanuary 16, 2014 

A judge on Thursday dismissed a St. Clair County Board candidate's attempt to toss his five opponents from the ballot.

Marvin B. Strode, of Washington Park, alleged his opponents should be removed from the ballot because they confused residents who signed the candidates' nominating petitions by not indicated they sought an "unexpired, two-year term." Strode added the phrase on his petitions.

The St. Clair County Electoral Board previously denied Strode's attempt to remove the candidates. On Thursday, St. Clair County Associate Judge Christopher Kolker dismissed Strode's appeal of the Electoral Board's decision in a hearing.

Six candidates, including Strode, are campaigning for a seat to represent Washington Park and part of East St. Louis on the County Board. All of the candidates are Democrats. They will face each other in the primary election on March 18.

The other candidates seeking to represent District 2 include incumbent County Board member Joan McIntosh and challengers Edith A. Moore, Harry Hollingsworth, Mack Slater and Rickie Thomas. McIntosh was appointed to the seat in July after her husband, Willie McIntosh, resigned in April.

St. Clair County Clerk Tom Holbrook said ballots for the primary election will be printed next week. The ballots must be printed soon to adhere to state law ensuring military members have a chance to cast absentee ballots.

Joan McIntosh's attorney, Robert Sprague, successfully argued the appeal should be dismissed because McIntosh was not properly served court documents.

Strode's attorney, Christian Montroy, said McIntosh had been sent the documents through certified mail, but she did not pick them up from the post office.

"We cannot force Ms. McIntosh to go to the post office and pick up her certified mail," Montroy told the judge. "We have followed state statute..."

Strode may still appeal the case to the state's Appellate Court.

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