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January 17, 2014 

The current conventional wisdom of the conservative crowd claims: The Pope and President Obama are communists; Santa and Jesus are white; Global warming is a hoax, because it's cold outside in January; The huge costs ofGeorge W.Bush's policies magically ceased, the minute Obama took office; The 5 deaths of Fast and Furious and Benghazi are impeachable offenses; The American deaths of 13 embassy attacks, 9/11and the Iraq war are not impeachable offenses. If Benghzi was Obama's fault, 9/11 was Bush's fault.

Is it any wonder, only 25% of Americans and 6% of Scientists call themselves Republican.

The Iraq war: Letter writer Kipp Reed used some fuzzy math to implicate Democrats in the passage of the Iraq War Resolution. 72% of total House yea votes and 62% of total Senate yea votes for war were Republican. A super majority of Republican yeavotes in both Houses rendered Democratic votes irrelavant. It was a Republican war!

National debt: In 2001, President Bush promised his tax cutswould eliminate our national debt by 2010. He didn't even put the cost of his wars on the budget, but $2.6 trillion Social Secutiry surplus funds were used to pay for them. At least $3.5 trillion of the $6 trillion added to our debt, since he left office, came from his tax cuts, wars and economic collapse.

Gene Robke


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