Real Estate: What's the selling price on your neighbor's home?

January 19, 2014 

Find out what your neighbor's house is selling for in St. Clair, Madison and Monroe counties.



* 929 Ridgecrest Drive; from Richard Fuess and Ericka C. Fuess; to Jared Hammel; $108,000.

* 520 E. C St.; from Gregg Crawford; to Jason T. Kearns; $288,000.

* 212 S. Charles St.; from L & N Investments Ltd.; to Willard L. Viall and Rebecca W. Viall; $15,000.

* 407 W. Van Buren St.; from Secretary of Veterans Affairs; to Three Red Towers LLC; $25,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 505 Abend St.; from Thomas E. Toenjes and Patricia G. Toenjes; to Gregg Crawford; $5,500.

* 2201 Cotswold Circle; from Jason Beeler and Tarrah Beeler; to Halisi Lester and Keya Lester; $144,000.

* 2714 Brookrun Drive; from Christopher Renner and Amy Renner; to Nicholas Nasti and Kimberly Anderson; $160,000.

* 33 Grand Ave.; from Clyde L. Eddings and Juanita F. Eddings; to Groves Investments Co.; $20,000.

* 1105 N. Church St.; from Rober L. Callanan and Ashley Callanan; to Emily D. Henson and Emily R. Henson; $112,000.

* 320 Eiler Road; from Jeffrey R. Dell and Tracey L. Dell; to Kenneth Powers and Emily Powers; $199,000.

* 15 Melwood Drive; from Bradford Kamenec and mary Kamenec; to Timothy D. Conklin and Amanda E. Conklin; $170,000.

* 121 Pamela Drive; from Michael H. Williams and Sheree R. Williams; to James Korba; $89,500.

* 406 Kensington Drive; from Michael L. Derouin and Linda M. Derouin; to Cathy Houston; $103,000.

* 1110 Olde Lantern Lane; from Innovation Construction Services LLC; to Darwin L. Walker; $194,000.

* 615 S. 22nd St.; from Gerald M. Porter and Debra K. Porter; to Matthew M. Gluck; $112,500.

* 307 N. Belt East; from Leonila Mary Brown; to Walter Willis; $76,000.


* 8810 Parkdale Drive; from Scott Miller; to St. Louis U-Pic-A-Part LLC; $34,500.


* 153 Helen Place; from Kristina Brooks; to William R. Harris and Jeri Harris; $132,000.


* 838 N. 23rd St.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Absolute Vison Property and Management; $5,850 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 28 Countryside Lane; from Richard T. Lytle; to Liborio Soto; $75,000.

* 107 Stacy Drive; from Raymond Preusser and Mary Preusser; to Diamante Capital LLC; $80,000.


* 107 S. Monroe St.; from Dennis M. Schmittling and Catherine K. Schmittling; to Eric S. Schmittling; $85,000.


* 106 St. Christopher Court; from JLP ConstructionCo., St. Christopher Villas LLC; to Carole J. Smith; $147,000.

* 1315 Eisenhower; from Richard Johnson and Phyllis Johnson; to Jarrod Zwetow and Melissa Zwetow; $63,000.

* 407 Turquoise Court; from CNR Inc.; to Luke Williams and Kimdung Williams; $242,000.

* 1008 Benelli St.; from Frist FSB of Mascoutah; to Michael Luecking and Lee Ann Luecking; $235,000.


* 7731 Hertel Road; from Scott Giovanetti and Jane Giovanetti; to Curt Hoppes and Taryn L. Hoppes; $36,000.

* 4045 Saxony Lane; from Dennis W. Cooper Jr. and Stacey A. Cooper; to Dennis A. Maggio and Janice M. Maggio; $550,000.


* 234 Eagle Ridge Drive; from Claire E. Hruska; to Burnadette Spiller; $82,000.

* 445 Bandmour Place; Midny K. White and michael W. Smith; to Walter G. Mueggenburg and Ida K. Mueggenburg; $225,000.

* 1653 Lancaster Drive; from Timothy Manda and Sasha Manda; to Greg C. Mossman and Julie A. Cover; $470,000.

* 675 Janeita Court; Richard H. Willia and Jessica M. Willis; to Kori Henschen and Phillip Henschen; $190,000.

* 320 Dewitt Court; from Fred M. Shanks and Pamela D. Shanks; to Christopehr D. Decker and Nichole L. Decker; $197,500.

* 1305 E. Third St.; from Alana Warhoover; to Stephen C. Thomas and Shannon M. Thomas; $185,000.

* 7008 Fairbanks St.; from Brian A. Yates and Stacy B. Yates; to Bobby L. Dale Jr. and Kimberly D. Dale; $258,000.


* 3536 Barton Drive; from McBride Eagles Landing LLC; to Takelia Blackwell; $195,000.

* 437 Tailfeather Drive; from Ellen K. Wide; to Lataya S. Brown and Louis Grigler IV; $160,000.

* 2645 Cheyenne Wells Drive; from Fulford Construction Inc.; to Zachary M. Yoder and Lindsi L. Yoder; $199,000.


* 4913 Lone Rock Lane; from Smithton Construction Inc.; to David Hansell; $256,500.


* 1791 Shade Tree Court; from Francies A. Biba Jr.; to Brad T. Nunnally and Kimberly A. Nunnally; $175,000.

* 1504 Karin Drive; from Mark Radake and NIcole Radake; to Paul Allard and Tama Allard; $67,000.

* 1417 Olroy Drive; from Fulford Construction Inc.; to Jared E. Neville and Adrianne G. Neville; $415,500.

* 3249 Jared Drive; from Beverly A. Frazier Zook; to Lana D. Kincaid; $175,000.



* 2802 Benbow Ave.; from Nicholas D. Wahle and Rachel L. Wahle; to Arthur Hoffman; $82,000.


* 7505 Bethalto Road; from Neal Sheppard; to Adam T. Sheppard and Amanda L. Sheppard; $100,000.

*22 Klein Drive; from Robert F. Papaik and Beryl J. Papaik; to Teri H. Hopwood; $193,000.


* 3047 Keebler Road; from James P. Mundy; to James P. Mundy and Stacy Capps; $11,000.

* 324 Merrell St.; from Kevin L. Schaller; to Elizabeth Breihan; $145,000.

* 5 Red Rose Drive; from Douglas M. Rankin and Lori C. Rankin; to Robert Hamner and Arlene Hamner; $85,500.

* 27 Bliss Terrace; from Brian E. Aubuchon and Melissa A. Aubuchon; to Brian C. Gries and Siera M. Gries; $200,000.

* 417 S. Clinton St.; from Christopher P. Lamport and Stephanie M. Lamport; to Michael L. Jones Jr. and Katherine E. Jones; $92,000.


* 221 5thAve.; from Marian J. Fink; to Jacob E. Unangst and Christina L. Unangst; $88,000.

*1407 Madison Ave.; from Lynette R. Noeltner and Lynette R. Noeltner Revocable Trust; $94,500.

* 16 Shore Drive; from Betty A. Wild; to Jeffrey Bane and Deborah Bane; $218,000.


* 508 Briarstone Drive; from Remington Properties LLC; to Darin Copeland and Anel Copeland; $300,000.

* 133 Ellington Court; from Spencer Homes LLC; to Kenneth A. Dillon and mIchelle S. Bohnenstiehl; $294,500.

* 125 Ellington Court; from Lerch Homes Inc.; to Kevin P. Merrick and Danielle Merrick; $302,000.


* 7515 Davis Lane; from Patrick E. Bartlett and Morgan Bartlett; to Garry E. Majors and Pamela J. Majors; $145,000.

* 3401 Whitecliff Lane; from Bruce M. Paule and Elizabeth L. Paule; to John T. Lovseth and Stephanie L. Lovseth; $191,000.


* 2332 Zippel Ave.; from Homeinvestors LLC; to Karen L. Mayo; $131,000.

* 2329 Cardinal Ave.; from HSBC Bank; to Mararet Raftery; $63,500.

* 54 Country Place Lane; from Franklin E. Pinkston and Rosemarie Pinkston; to Michael J. Curran and Joyce A. Curran; $87,000.

* 2200 Miracle Ave.; from Linda L. Foster and David P. Foster; to Frederick W. Nimon; $50,000.


* 11 Bridle Court; from William G. Miller; to Nicholas Pieri and NIcole Pieri; $85,000.


* 2 Willow Creek Drive; from Larry J. Korte and Ethel I. Korte; to Ervin G. Schwend and Jill M. Schwend; $270,000.


* 411 N. Nebraska St.; from Zachery A. Symmonds and Kristy L. Symmonds; to Debra S. Durbin; $91,000.


* 2806 Keebler Road; from Douglas S. Girffith and Cindi M. Griffith; to David Knoche and Mary Knoche; $139,000.


* 704 W. 5th St.; from Lindow Contracting Inc.; to Todd S. Rehg and Stephanie L. Rehg; $204,500.


* 954 Weathervane Lane; from Wells Fargo Financial Illinois Inc.; to John A. Adams Jr.; $145,000.

* 42 Westbrooke; from Secretary of Veterans Affairs; to GAry R. English Jr.; $80,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 410 Troy Ave.; from Alice Y. Anderson; to Scott R. Smith and Eric R. Smith; $47,000.


* 292 12th St.; from Jay S. Wright and Brittney Wright; to Stefani Vogel; $71,500.

* 976 E. Penning Ave.; from Andrew H. Gernigin; to Jake P. Taylor; $17,000.

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