What nice thing have you done for someone lately? Or, what did someone do for you?

January 19, 2014 

We talked to folks in the cafeteria of Southwestern Illinois College.

"I help elderly people out to their car. It's part of my job. I am a bagger at Schnucks. I like doing it. It makes me feel good."

Cody Dickneite, 19


bagger at Schnucks in Waterloo majoring in business and accounting

"The person in front of me at the McDonald's drive-through paid for my lunch. It was a dollar McChicken and a dollar tea. That was it. I didn't know who they were. I was very surprised."

Rachel Hampton, 19


elementary education major

"We live in the same town. (Sarah Geminn) offered me a ride because my car broke down. I don't know her name yet."

Charlotte Hauser, 52


studying computer information and working one day a week at a restaurant

"I was in the grocery store. I had two of my kids with me, one in my arms and one by the hand. There were no more shopping baskets. I had a gentleman give me his basket."

Sarah Geminn, 36


mother of four, studying horticulture

"We are sharing food. We come from different countries. We like to taste different foods. Today, (Waseem Mrad) brought food from Syria. He shared it with us. It's called kibbeh. It's (a torpedo-shaped fried croquette) of ground beef, nuts and spices covered with grits."

Cristina Cook, 29

O'Fallon, formerly from the Philippines

studying office technology

"If I can help somebody, I want to. I am asking people, 'If you need help, ask me.' My grandmother (Safa Alkhatib) made the kibbeh for me to share."

Waseem Mrad, 20

Fairview Heights, born in California, but lived in Syria

studying office technology

"I just bought (my two co-workers) lunch. I did not want them to be hungry and we have to work till 4. They did my hair."

Breanna Hicks, 24

East St. Louis

works in the bookstore

"My daddy gave me some money so I could catch the bus. I wouldn't have been able to get to work on time. Last night, I put my little cousin in the bathtub for my auntie. He got in the tub, got out and went to sleep."

Dominique Gates, 17


works in the bookstore

"I bought food for a pregnant homelss woman. She was asking people for money. I gave her some. Hopefully, she used it to buy food. I was pregnant so I understood how she felt."

Essence Morris, 20


studying pre-medicine, and mother of a 6-month-old daughter

"I was in Atlanta and I drove down the street and picked out this homeless person and gave him a Thanksiving dinner. I had cooked the meal at home. Turkey, dressing, candied yams, macaroni, greens, cornbread, a piece of red velvet cake and pecan pie. He cried. I'm gong to do it again this year. I am the type of man, I want to change the world. I try to do what I can. Homeless people motivate me to be a better person. I hate to see them like that."

Aron Burris, 22


studying music techonology who also records bands and makes beats

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