What's out there: tin letters, chopsticks and a nautical tote

January 19, 2014 

HANG 'EM UP: These giant tin letters are lightweight with hooks on the back for hanging. Each is $9.99 at Garden Ridge in O'Fallon. You'll also find other metal and wood letters in smaller sizes.

LEARNER'S CHOPSTICKS: If you have trouble using chopsticks, you will appreciate this little orange silicone guy. He sits on top of a pair of melamine Learner's Chopsticks ($3.99), and keeps them together. He'll help you learn how to use chopsticks and be a fun topic of conversation. Yes, it's meant for kids, but fumble-fingered adults will get a kick out of it, too. Look for them at World Market in Shiloh.

NAUTICAL TOTE: Heading to warmer climes soon? This tote bag could make the trip with you. Created by Harvey Seatbeltbags, the SID Knotical Large Tote ($188) is available at Peace by Piece in downtown Belleville starting Jan. 29. The company that makes it worked with tattoo artist SID to feature original artwork and vintage-inspired nautical details on the bag, including decorative knotted rope, a navy and white nautical print exterior, and an eye-catching yellow printed lining. It is made of durable automotive seatbelt.

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