McCoy stays in denial

January 19, 2014 

I want to thank Glenn McCoy so much for reassuring us in the Jan. 7 paper that global warming and climate change are both bogus baloney.

I was so worried. Here I thought that the NOAA (Weather Service), National Geographic, the Smithsonian Magazine and even Ducks Unlimited pretty much agreed with 25,000 climatologists worldwide that climate change was active and progressing now. I mean, they have reported that the warmest times on record, since we began keeping records, had occurred in 12 of the last 15 years. Not here in Southern Illinois, but worldwide.

I have seen videos of the loss of ice on Greenland, down 35 to 40 percent in the last 15 years, and others of polar bears swimming in open ocean because of lack of ice cover. Drowning for food. Can't breed or raise cubs. But I guess that's false, too. Totally bogus. Why would they lie like that? Ah, another liberal conspiracy against American capitalism and unbridled use of our natural resources.

Hey, Rush Limbaugh agrees and thinks the recent polar vortex is baloney, too. I can hardly wait until people who lost homes on the East Coast in hurricanes and Superstorm Sandy find out. The Midwest farmers will be happy to know there will be no more drought. New York City can cancel the billions planned for sea walls. New Orleans lost a lot of money. Just to be sure, I checked with Fox News. They agree this is all take.

Joseph M. Reichert


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