Plenty of disservice in our country

January 19, 2014 

In the letter by Jim Walters in the Jan. 12 paper, "A bridge too far fetched," it appears that Walters has no appreciation for the people who render service to this country. Perhaps he is more respectful of people who bring about disservice to this country. I would not doubt it.

In a special section of Hanoi, Vietnam, there should be an honored statue of the American hippie -- a crucial factor in the victory of the Vietnamese communists against the United States. In much the same limelight, there should perhaps by a North Vietnamese or Viet Cong flag proudly flying from the Jim Walters Veterans Memorial Duplex.

The saying of Jim Walters, "America, what a stupid country," could well have been epitomized by the election of President Lyndon Johnson in 1964. However, in years since, American stupidity has been further substantiated by election to the presidency of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

As for Americans electing stupid people to positions of prominence, it is a matter of: I thought so once, but now I know it.

Frank B. Austin


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