Too many missing fight against evil act

January 21, 2014 

Lets face it: people are tired of hearing about abortion. The church remains silent on it. The Pope says we can all go home. The pro-choicers can't get enough of it. The pro-life movement is going nowhere with it. Their only success is fundraising.

I have heard that we can't legislate "morality," but we don't allow rapists to rape, or bank robbers to rob, or animal owners to abuse pets. In all these instances Americans favor stiff penalties in convictions. Clearly, most in society have decided that rape, robbery, inhumane treatment are unacceptable practices. Rapists disagree, but the rest of society decided to impose our morality on them.

What is it about abortion that makes it different from every other human behavior? I think it is the most unnatural and evil act a human being can perpetrate onto another human being.

The church and our shepherds seem to be missing in action for the most part. Yes, the pastor or priest will dust off a pro-life sermon to be given on behalf of Sanctity of Life Sunday, but you won't hear any more the rest of the year. They, like most in society, don't want any trouble; they just want to be on the sidelines, not in the game.

This nation is full of them. I like to call them "catfish Christians:" you know, all mouth and a thimbleful of guts. The Bible has a word for that, it's called "sin."

Angela Michael

Director, Small Victories


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