Repent against sin of gay marriage

January 21, 2014 

I hope that the Senate and the House of Illinois that voted for SB 10 to legalize gay marriage are happy. I know I will be happy when the Christians and people who still believe in marriage between a man and woman have the chance to vote you out of office.

President Obama and Eric Holder put their belief toward man and man and woman and woman. They said they would uphold same-sex marriage for the ones married before the Supreme Court put the stay on homosexual marriage. If the state of Utah wins this battle in the court, the marriages of the ones married before the stay should be up to Utah, not Obama and Holder.

Obama and Holder and the Democrat Party are only interested in the coming up elections votes.

Obama upheld man and woman marriage before but the coming elections changed his mind. The good Lord Jesus Christ has not changed his mind.

God made man and woman for marriage only. The people in the Illinois Senate and the House that voted for gay marriage and Obama and Holder ought to re-evaluate their stand with God.

God forgives sinners that repent and change their ways. God is forever. The earth will not be, but for sinners who do not repent and change their ways, hell is forever. God forever.

Robert Frisch


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