Letter writers struggle with facts

January 24, 2014 

I am continually amazed by the wild, false, and outlandish statements made by some of your letter writers. The latest is by Roddy Riggs on Jan. 8. He writes criticizing a previous liberal letter writer who had not been happy with the Tea Party and Sen. Cruz. In support of his beliefs, he states that Sen. Joseph McCarthy was elected to the Senate "long after" the "Democrat"-controlled House Un-American Activities Committee commenced hearings in 1946. In fact, Sen. McCarthy was first elected to the Senate in 1946. Mr. Riggs is apparently confused about the separate work of the House and Senate as his letter indicates a belief that Sen. McCarthy was involved with the work of the House Un-American Activities Committee, which he was not.

Riggs then goes on to say "McCarthy investigated the U.S. Army and the State Department, and was later proven to be 90 percent accurate in his finding that they were both rife with communists." This statement by Mr. Riggs is ludicrous in the extreme as I know of no credible historical evidence or belief that supports such nonsense.

I am often appalled by the extreme and bizarre opinions expressed by too many of your published letter writers and their often lack of accurate fact in much of what they write.

Lee R. Pitzer


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