Real Estate: What's your neighbor's home selling for?

January 26, 2014 

Recent real estate transactions for St. Clair, Madison and Monroe counties.



* 1109 Milton Road; from Ruth Farmer; to Kendal L. Nolle and Rebecca C. Nolle; $45,000.


* 74 Woodcrest Drive; from Bethcor Inc.; to John A. Bishop and Nancy R. Bishop; $44,500.


* 310 Northcrest Drive; from Carol D. Morgan and Phillip B. Isbell; to Gary J. Wellen and Lois A. Wellen; $120,000.

* 1503 Waverly Drive; from Kristopher Glennon Kathmann; to Lori Price; $175,000.

* 127 E. Madison Ave.; from Megan M. Noll aka Megan M. Rauh and Joshua Noll; to Samantha Garcia; $110,000.

* 594 Watch Hill Road; from Eduardo Santiago and Christina Santiago; to Jason B. Ledoux and Paula E. Ledoux; $160,000.


* 8729 Old Morro Road; from Michael Lebrun; to Justin L. Zimmerman and Susan P. Spineto; $265,000.


* 818 Bee Tree Lane; from HSBC Mortgage Services Inc.; to Ashley M. Romero; $50,000.

* 260 S. 9th St.; from David L. Hand and Cynthia K. Hand; to Shawn C. Williams and Trese Williams; $230,000.

* 309 E. Airwood Drive; from Shawn C. Williams and Trese Williams; to Justin M. Sandbach and Jennifer L. Sandbach; $144,000.


* 2012 Stanford Place; from Joyce J. Derousse and Loreeta M. Derousse; to John Shank and Casey Shank; $194,000.

* 454 Tamarach Drive; from Kevin J. Stief and Donna Stief; to Eric R. Thornsberry and Kristin N. Williams; $149,000.

* 81 E. Southcrest Circle; Haroon B. Randhawa and Nausheen Randhawa; to Landon C. Terry; $285,000.

* 312 Shea Court; from James Boore and Tamara Boore; to Kim E. Woods and Melissa L. Woods; $375,000.


* 13 Saddlewood Lane; from Jaclyn Scroggins aka Jaclyn Ackman, Kenny Scroggins; to Benjamin A. Parada and Shannon C. McCarkel; $120,000.

* 236 Star Lane; from Charles Russell Allen and Barri D. Allen; to Daniel Nelson and Karie Nelson; $223,000.

* 205 Cascade Drive; from Thomas R. Roustio and Victoria L. Roustio; to Timothy G. Dittman and Victoria J. Dittman; $162,000.

* 3154 Alexandria Drive; from Phoenix Homes of Illinois LLC; to Elizabeth Heil; $205,000.

* 3158 Alexandra Drive; from Savannah Crossing Development Inc.; to Remington Properties LLC; $53,000.

* 201 Ashford Drive; from Rebecca Webb aka Rebecca Schooley; to Billie Jo Schooley aka Billie Jo Tatum aka Billie Jo Tatum Schooley; $160,000.

* 137 Ellington Court; from Spencer Homes LLC; to Tonya Genovese and Justin Bernaix; $323,000.


* 2814 Idaho Ave.; from Paul S. Zarlingo and Paul Zarlingo; to Tim J. Zarlingo and Peggy A. Zarlingo; $29,500.

* 2442 Lunch Ave.; from Ana Hernandez and Noor Abdulridha; to Mark A. Warren and Treasa Warren; $105,000.

* 1388 Lee St.; from Harvel L. Murray Jr. and Linda S. Murray; to Erik Ruiz; $165,000.

* 2618 Benton St.; from Stanley M. Watkins; to Blake E. Johnson and Kaitlyn E. Dohnal; $73,000.

* 3313 Preston Drive; from Timothy S. Ellsworth and Lisa Ellsworth; to James Woods and Rebecca Woods; $150,000.


* 114 Wolf Ave.; from Fannie Mae; to Jonathan W. Absher and Kimberly A. Absher; $73,500.

* 102 Wolf Ave.; from Matthew W. Bowers and Sandra J. Bowers; to Bryce Sever and Audra Sever; $127,000.


* 64 Memorial Court; from Connie L. Tierney aka Connie L. Louvier and John Tierney; to Caleb R. Houchins and Heidi L. Houchins; $185,000.

* 525 Pike Drive; from Debora L. Seefeldt; to U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development; $73,600 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 1313 Walnut St.; from Steven C. Lander, Maxine A. Hawkins aka Maxine A. Johnson, Grace N. Lander; to Matthew L. Jenkins and Jackie L. Jenkins; $45,000.

* 3264 White Tail Court; from Joseph S. Cline and Georgianna M. Cline; to Danile P. Lucas and Tracie L. Lucas; $43,000.

* 404 Sycamore St.; from Caleb R. Houchins and Heidi L. Houchins; to Brian E. Wilken and Stephanie D. Wilken; $120,000.


* 10 Seasons Ridge Court; from Timothy S. Hagan and Sue E. Hagan; to Andrew Builta and Erin Builta; $343,000.


* 2013 Grandview Drive; from Cadagin Homes Inc.; to James Boore and Tamara Boore; $305,000.


* 621 Meadowlark St.; from John C. Shank and Casey D. Shank; to Larry W. Powell and Sharon A. Powell; $177,000.

* 323 Collinsville Road; from Joshua J. Helton and Jennifer Helton; to Darryl A. Seitz Jr.; $175,000.

* 7715 Bouse Road; from Roxanne Ericksen; to John E. Payton and Andrea I. Payton; $192,000.

* 6 Stonebrook; from HSBC Bank USA; to Morgan Schram and Audria Schram; $140,000.

* 403 Blue Bird Lane; from Brandon Gentry and Shannon Gentry; to Zachary Medema and Maggie Medema; $171,000.

* 12 Forest Knoll Court; from Osborn Homes Inc.; to Janice L. Barlow and Joseph L. Barlow; $226,000.

* 125 Turtle Creek; from Tim McCoy and Melanie McCoy; to Groves Investments Co.; $140,000.

* 514 Zenk Road; from Dawn M. Krimminger and John L. Krimminger; to Nicole Gustafson; $135,000.



* 303 Westridge Drive; from Donald W. Doerr and Jodi L. Doerr; to Jennifer S. Broadwater and Michael D. Broadwater; $242,000.

* 424 N. Main St.; from Matthew H. Hesterberg; to Anthony J. Brinker and Sara K. Brinker; $182,000.

* 9100 Wiltshire Drive; from Cordelia R. Smith and Norman R. Smith; to Jason GAleski; $423,000.


* 3575 Maeystown Road; from Timothy D. Buchanan and Tina M. Buchanan; to Angela D. Dixon; $164,500.


* 5625 Kaskaskia Road; Barbara K. Quinones and Jesus M. Quinones; to Janet E. Bathon; $99,000.

* 1329 Cody Drive; from Angela M. Crawford and Brett M. Crawford; to Nathan D. Ruehle and Erica N. Underwood; $180,000.

* 1330 Rachael Lane; from David T. Guerswald and Sandra A. Pour; to Donald W. Doerr and Jodi L. Doerr; $167,000.

* 125 Osterhage Drive; from Delma W. Minton and Paul R. Minton; to Brian E. Koch and Cathy J. Koch; $150,000.

* 3964 Ahne Road; from Esther Boehne, Gerald F. Boehne, Bernell L. Buettner; to Leann C. Alexander and Randy J. Rehmer; $82,500.

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