A pyramid of moms

January 26, 2014 

The Highland Varsity Dance Team Moms are all about support -- for their girls and for each other. At a recent "carbo party," the dance moms supported each other to form this 14-mom pyramid. Why?

"Tradition," said Jody Becker, mother of Ally, the only freshman on the team. "We tried to outdo the moms from last year. Next time we get together, we'll have one more in the pyramid."

The moms put together a high- carbohydrate dinner for the girls the night before each performance. They also help with the girls' costumes, travel arrangements, hotels and transportation. "And, we pay for it all," Jody said.

The Highland Varsity Dance Team took three firsts and a second at the Edwardsville IDTA regional and a second, third and fourth at the Chicagoland Dance Championship last weekend.

"Not bad for a little school like Highland competing against bigger schools," Becker said.

14-MOM PYRAMID: The moms in the photo (with their daughters' names in parentheses) are:

Bottom row: Lisa Volker (Katie), Jody Becker (Ally), Sherri Korsmeyer (Addison), Darla Lane (Kelsey), Kristi Reaka (Morgan), Tara Thornton (Karli)

Middle Row: Diane Bargetzi (Morgan), Kathy Wagner (Miranda), Kathlene Lutostanski (Lauren), Linda Eilerman (Carrie).

Top row: Deb Drueke (Leslie), Denise Lampe (Paige), Bridget Hagler (Lexy).

Very top: Kelly Rosen (McKenzie)

Missing Jayna Jones (Kaylea).

Photo taken at Diane Bargetzi's house at a "carbo party" (a party to feed the girls prior to a competition the next day also bonding experience for moms and daughters) - photo taken by Michelle Deets, Highland Varsity Dance Coach.

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