In light of the cold, where would you like to be?

January 26, 2014 

"Hawaii. It's nice and warm and has a beach and one of my teachers lives there when she's not working."

Raymond Hentz, 11

Fairview Heights

student at Grant Middle School

"Home. It's nice and warm all the time. When it's cold outside, I put my coat on, some gloves, a hat and maybe a scarf, too."

Alexander Hentz, 7 1/2

Fairview Heights

second-grader at Illini Elementary

"I'd probably want to be in Florida. It's warm and sunny and there are beaches. I've been to San Diego. That was awesome. It's the farthest I've been. I remember a very long flight, non-stop."

Andrew Bass, 14

Fairview Heights

eighth-grader at Grant Middle School

"I'd rather be in Hawaii enjoying the nice weather and the beautiful scenery. I've been there. It was open air. You'd walk right into buildings. There were no doors. It was nice."

Aretha Forrester, 37


registered nurse

"Hawaii. I'd be on the beach in Hawaii."

Dorothy Sarmiento, 52


secretary at Belle Valley School

"Chuck E. Cheese. It's kind of like an arcade. But I like the cold. I like to play in the snow. I lilke building snowmen and sledding at Grandma Dee's house. It's a really good hill. I just had twin brothers that were born three weeks ago."

Aiden Procasky, 6


kindergartner at Wolf Branch School

"Probably San Antonio. That's where my family is. We've been here 2 1/2 years. I think we are getting used to the cold, which I didn't think I would, but I am. As long as we don't get 15 inches of snow, it's all right."

Karla Rivas, 34


works for Illinois Oncology and mother of Xavier, 6, Joshua 3 1/2 and a new baby girl who was scheduled to be born Jan 23.

"i'd rather be right here. I was born and raised here. The cold doesn't bother me a whole lot. The only thing that bothers me is when it gets difficult to get out for a run. It depends on the wind and snow and ice. If it's 20 degrees and no wind and it's sunny, I might brave the cold, put on extra layers and give it a try. If not, I run inside on a treadmill."

Jennifer McCorkhill, 36

Fairview Heights

medical biller and mother of four, Aiden, 8, and Alyssa, 10, pictured, and Cheyenne, 6, and Abigail, 5

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