Document's beauty is adaptability

January 26, 2014 

Anymore, the BND's letters are bombarding readers with rehashed and absurd dispatches from a conservative cadre, preaching the tainted gospel of social Darwinism. With the overwhelming right-wing tilt of BND writers, all anyone can offer is an occasional shot of sanity across the bow of the SS Crazy.

There's nothing new about today's conservative rhetoric. It's simply the reactionary politics of Joe McCarthy and the John Birch Society wrapped in 21st century jargon. Today's right-wing confederates still interpret the Constitution the way snake-handlers interpret the Bible, twisting conclusions to justify the very behaviors our founders rebelled against. If the Constitution was so infallibly sacred, only white males over 21 that own real estate would be allowed to vote; slavery would still be legal; and women, minorities, and the poor would have no voice at all. Constitutional fundamentalists don't seem to comprehend that the genius of that document is its adaptability, allowing our republic to evolve, to become more Democratic, and more inclusive.

Ultraconservatives want to drag America down a dark path backward. They exploit upheaval and instability to espouse a deceitful credo riddled with nationalist xenophobia . They'll often arm themselves to the teeth for some "coming war" over their paranoia du-jour, wars that, thankfully, don't usually happen.

America must decide whether to continue to tolerate these extreme conservative philosophies in government or finally reject them summarily. And, despite all their wealthy benefactors, their domination of media and incessant fear-mongering, I still believe the people of our nation will ultimately refute the conservative snake-oil salesmen.

Kevin J. Gagen


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