Executed killer was a monster

January 27, 2014 

Seeing your prominent AP article Jan. 17 headlined, "Ohio killer's execution takes almost 25 minutes," my first reaction was a Hillary Clinton quote: "What difference does it make?"

The description you published seemed designed to garner sympathy for the murderer! Why? Employing terms like "appalled," "agony," "cruel," and "constitutional rights," -- not for the victim he viciously raped and stabbed to death or for her innocent unborn baby -- for a killer's death! How many minutes, or hours, did the mother and baby suffer in agony, their lives ebbing away? Did the animal who killed them deserve a peaceful, painless death? His name should not even have appeared in print!

Her name was Joy Stewart and she was 8 months' pregnant. Have you done a follow-up story on her devastated family since the crime? Her husband, Kenny, took his own life, overwhelmed with grief and anguish. His family and Joy's will suffer the rest of their lives -- not a brief 25 minutes.

I object to crocodile tears being solicited for a monster so inhuman as to perpetrate this kind of crime against a young, pregnant mother. Our country is full of criminals just like him, convicted of assault, robbery, rape, and even murder, who have been released, following a tap on the wrist by permissive judges; they pose a perpetual threat to decent citizens. Prisoner inmates even have room and board, entertainment, a gym, education, and unending legal appeals, courtesy of the taxpayers.

Justice only serves when it is swift and certain. "Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed;" capital punishment is commanded by God. Sympathy is properly directed to victims of crime, not to their perpetrators.

Elaine Hawkins


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