All frozen, except superintendent

January 28, 2014 

A benefit report shows the Belle Valley School Board increased Superintendent Louis Obernuefemann's total compensation from $141,815 for the school year 2011-2012 to $152,221 for the 2012-2013 school year -- a 7.3 percent increase. This was at a time when most people's salaries were frozen, or they were only receiving modest gains. I am curious to see what they will pay him this year.

After my questioning the raise, I was informed the raise was only 4.3 percent, because the Board had understated his total compensation for 2011-2012 by $4,308. It should have read $146,124 instead of the listed $141,815, This kind of behavior doesn't surprise me. The superintendent and board constantly violate rules and regulations with impunity.

But what is really troubling is that the board has started giving him a bonus that may eventually cost the taxpayers in excess of $400,000. I will explain this abomination in a letter next month.

Ted Farmer


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