Cold is from division

January 28, 2014 

President Obama is pushing John Kerry's envelope to push for the Palestinian State in Israel. This is bringing the judgment of the God of Israel on the United States for dividing the Abraham Blessing.

The whole United States judgment for dividing the Abraham Blessing is the Palestinian State Polar Vortex. The God of Israel is using blizzards and record breaking cold to get the American people's attention.

The North Pole Polar Vortex is an act of God for judgment against the United States over the Palestinian Polar Vortex.

The God of Israel uses blizzards, record breaking cold, earthquakes, hurricanes, droughts, tornadoes and famines as his judgments against the Abraham Blessing.

The God of Israel created the weather and he's in control, not man.

The new spiritual ice age is birthed by the God of Israel over judgments.

Only Jesus can warm your heart on a cold, below-zero blizzard last perilous day.

George Culley


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