GOP lawmakers weigh in on Quinn's State of State address

News-DemocratJanuary 29, 2014 

Some state GOP lawmakers from the metro-east were critical of Gov. Pat Quinn's State of the State address on Wednesday.

Their comments:

Sen. Dave Luechtefeld, R-Okawville:

"Five years to the day, that Gov. Quinn was sworn into office after Rod Blagojevich's conviction on political charges -- our state is actually in worse fiscal shape. Gov. Quinn has presided over five years of stagnation and his policies have been an extension of the Blagojevich years. Illinoisans are looking for direction, but have been left with a $9 billion backlog of bills, a 67 percent tax increase, a national lead on people leaving the state and a depressing 50th ranking for job creation in 2014."


Rep. Charlie Meier, R-Okawville:

"To listen to the governor today, you'd think Illinois was a land of prosperity. Unfortunately, the families of my district know better. Jobs are scarce and folks are struggling to get by. Employers just don't have the confidence in our state to either want to come set up shop here or expand what they've already previously established.

Things aren't well in Illinois, and Gov. Quinn's lack of true leadership is on full display when you take a good look at the real state of our state. A recent report from Moody's has projected that Illinois will be dead last in the United States for job growth in 2014.

Our state's unemployment rate has risen since the worst period of the recent financial crisis, with an even smaller workforce. Illinois has the second-largest outward migration of any state in the country, showing that people are fleeing for better, more prosperous areas."


Rep. Dwight Kay, R-Glen Carbon:

"While I applaud the governor's efforts to showcase Illinois as a strong economic state, the truth of the matter is that it's not. Our unemployment rate is stuck above 8 percent, families and businesses are fleeing the state at a dramatic rate and unfortunately Gov. Quinn and his allies do not realize the mess they created.

Following a string of businesses fleeing Illinois in search of a more favorable business climate, it was reported this week that Cancer Treatment Centers of America is relocating their headquarters from Illinois to Florida.

In 2009, Illinois had a median household income of $52,870 and the nation overall had a median income of $49,777. Since Gov. Quinn took office, Illinois' median household income has dropped 2.1 percent while nationwide the amount grew 2.4 percent. This has led to Illinois ranking as the second-highest state for outbound migration, meaning people are fleeing Illinois to look for better paying jobs or, in some cases, any job."


Sen. Kyle McCarter, R-Lebanon:

"He talked about this man-made disaster, that Illinois' financial house is on fire. I agree with him. What needs to be noted is, he is responsible. He and the Democrats in charge have been playing with the matches of increased taxes, increased regulations; they have failed to address Worker's Comp.

His analogy was fitting but his solutions are quite meaningless, such as taking the LLC corporate fee from $500 to $39. Any new business that thinks that $461 in 'savings' is going to outweigh the increased taxes and the increased Worker's Comp charges is going to fail. This was more of a State of the Campaign speech versus a State of the State address."

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