Appreciated in their roles

January 30, 2014 

Reference Catherine Stoltz' letter in the Jan. 18 paper.

I respect Stoltz' right to speak up for Muslims and I appreciate her comments that this country is one where one can worship as one chooses to. However, her comment that she is a military veteran and served during the Vietnam era and that women were as welcome as influenza in the military is a comment to which I take affront. I can speak from experience; I served then, too.

Women are a godsend in roles where they predominate and nursing and other health care lines of work are where they are far superior. To a man injured in war, or anything as such, nothing is as soothing as a woman's touch. As I saw myself, a soldier wounded in Vietnam and evacuated to a hospital could always look forward to the welcome change of white bed sheets and American women. The same has been true in other wars. Women in their predominant roles are not only healers; they are morale builders. Men who put their lives on the line definitely respect them. At least I always did and always will.

In any and all health care fields women are by far better. In the military, as elsewhere, they are most welcome where they are most talented.

Frank B. Austin


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