Criticism of cartoon misdirected

January 30, 2014 

I hate to cast aspersion on some letter writers, but how is a political cartoon clearly meant as a criticism of the Obama administration's cover-up of the Benghazi attacks get misinterpreted as hate speech toward Muslims? Two individuals read this cartoon and drew the conclusion that the Muslim was being disparaged. Unbelievable! Are these readers even reading to understand, or are they looking for something to criticize Glenn McCoy?

It reminded me of an instance that happened when I was in college. While composing the weekly menu for the cafeteria, I innocently decided to input some humor into the listing, specifically the smuggling of Mexican macaroni. I might mention that some of my closest friends were international students from Thailand, Malaysia and India. I even had a friend from Ghana. So I was the farthest thing from a bigot. Quite honestly, if some Hispanic-American students would have been offended and approached me, I would have definitely apologized. The only individual offended was a liberal Caucasian. I guess that liberals are the only species that are born without a sense of humor.

James J. Price


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