Bundle up, get to class

January 31, 2014 

Eight thousand students at the University of Illinois thought it was too cold to go to class earlier this week when it was 7 degrees. They signed an online petition taking Chancellor Ellen Wise to task for the decision to conduct business as usual.

The campus spokeswoman had this to say: "People who came here are serious scholars and they want to be in class." She pointed out that if students dressed for the weather, there would be little problem.

One of the students spoke of how her peers were completely annoyed. She said that after she got out in the weather, it was not that bad.

She wasn't wearing a hat. The accompanying photo with the article showed one of her peers without a hat as well.

Northern Illinois, Illinois State and Bradley universities did cancel classes to keep students from walking in the cold.

Our thoughts: Get over it, college students and administrators. Those days of instruction are being purchased and will not be made up. You are not little kids at a bus stop; you are legally adults, as some of you like to remind some of us.

Your education is being subsidized by family or the government, so the least you owe us is to forgo the flip-flops and sweat pants for a day, dress for the weather and go to class.

You might learn something, like what it's like to have a job.

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