Blessed are the peacemakers

January 31, 2014 

Early in November, I was awakened at 3 a.m. on a Saturday. After hearing loud voices and seeing bright headlights shining in my bedroom window, I looked out my front storm door. A car in the driveway next door had its lights on and its door open.

I watched and heard a neighbor woman's voice. She told a car occupant that she had to stop drinking and stop her drunken behavior. I saw three cars parked across the street from that incident. I watched until all those cars left.

Hopefully, the driver of the car next door wasn't the drunken woman. I returned to bed, but had difficulty getting back to sleep. There had been no police there and no neighbors gathered together adding to the disturbance by yelling at the woman who was drunk. No one called her names, taunted or harassed her. It was peacefully resolved.

God wants us to help those who need help, not to add distress to those who suffer from disabilities and alcoholism. As my son has stated, we certainly don't live in "Mr. Roger's neighborhood." God loves all people. Jesus heals the sick and forgives the sinner. God blesses the peacemakers.

Patricia Minemann


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