What do you want to be when you grow up?

February 2, 2014 

We talked to Cathedral Grade School students who dressed up for career day.

"A policeman because you get to lock people in jail. They get to help people, too."

Ella McMurray, 6


"A zookeeper because I want to take care of animals. I have a (stuffed) giraffe at the bottom (of my backpack) and a monkey and a wild wolf. I like the wolf the best. They sound like W."

Nathan Hawkins, 5


"A contractor because I like to build stuff. I built a car from K'nex. It turned out pretty good."

Cayden McNease, 5


"An Air Force guy like my dad (Chad) and brother Kevin. You get to go to other countries. to see how they do things and stuff, and you get to help out the people. My dad wore this hat to Afghanistan and got this medal and this map that has the flag on it."

David Welch, 7


"I want to be a car salesman. I know a lot about cars. I have a bunch of toy ones that help me to learn cars. I would drive a black Cadillac Escalade. It's expensive, but it's a really nice car."

Auggie Prange, 8


"An archaeologist or paleontologist. I really like animals and I like dinosaurs. I want to grow up to look for bones and fossils. My favorite dinosaur is the tyrannosaurus Rex."

Zachary Reyes, 9


"I want to be a cosmetologist because my great-grandma (the late Ruth Presley) did it. She started when she was my age and did it till she was 80. She did my hair a lot. I really like hair and makeup. I like to curl or straighten my hair every day and I like to do other people's hair."

Emma Koontz, 11


"A forensic anthropologist. I watched (TV's) 'Bones' a lot. That got me interested in learning more about bones, how old they are, what gender. We also studied the parts of the body, the muscles and stuff."

Gabrielle Bobadilla, 13


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