Now that pot's legal, what's next?

February 2, 2014 

I got a real laugh at the liberal Democratic idiots we elect on their new medical pot law. In Illinois you have to pay $150 to have a criminal background check, finger printed to get a Illinois state pot ID card. Next they tell us how there is nothing wrong with pot but have to surrender your Illinois state gun owner cards. Cannot own or possess a firearm. Can't have them crazed drug addicts with guns. Hope they tell the 70,000 hard corps druggie gang members in Chicago that. What they don't tell you is, if you have a CDL driver's license you have to surrender it. Cannot have them druggies driving stoned and killing people. It gets turned into the giant federal background check also used for federal firearms that you are doing illegal drugs and habitually using narcotics. Now you cannot work on any job that requires a federal drug test or any other government license. Never fear though, the state of Illinois will still allow you to have your private plane, driver's license to kill people in your car or bike while stoned. Only in the people Republic of Illinois.

Bob Dagner


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