The Queen is greedy

February 2, 2014 

Jeff Watson, President and Manager of the Casino Queen, said, "the casino's tax on gross revenue is about 35 percent -- versus the 30 percent on games in bars and clubs. So shifting revenue from the Casino Queen to bars and clubs only hurts the state's finances." This same story said revenues from the state's 10 casinos fell from $1.27 billion to $1.19 billion, while revenues from the bars, etc. was about $269 million during roughly the same time period. Wouldn't gaming taxes collected by the state increase by tens of millions due to the roughly $189 million increase in combined gaming revenues state wide?

Mr. Watson also said, "the Casino Queen is the only employee-owned casino in the United States, and the only locally-owned casino in Illinois and the St. Louis market," and "When we have initiatives to add additional gaming positions to this market, you're not hurting a large, faceless corporation, you're hurting the people who work here."

In 2003 a Casino Queen slot attendant was making almost $25 an hour, while the slot shift managers were making about $70,000 per year. Suggesting that somehow Casino Queen employees are "hurting" is laughable. Mr. Watson, those who own and work the bars, truck stops and fraternal clubs are not a "large faceless corporation" either. Don't be greedy.

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Gary Like

Highland, Utah

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