Real estate: What are homes selling for in your neighborhood?

February 2, 2014 

St. Clair, Madison and Monroe real estate transactions:



* 1019 S. 5thSt.; from Izetta R. Roberts nka Izetta R. Vogel; to Vicki Pettiet; $64,000.

118 Wabash Ave.; from Gregg L. Crawford; to Louis C. Shaw Jr.; $262,000.

* 632 S. Missouri Ave.; from Scott Saeger; to Matthew J. Berry and Catherine M. Berry; $112,000.

* 1305 Veile Drive; from Michael Dapkus and Michelle Dapkus; to Agneta Kalaghe; $72,000.

* 813 English Lane; from Brian W. Knaus and Barbara J. McFadden; to Jennifer L. Miller; $79,500.

* 7 S. 50th St.; from Bank of O'Fallon; to Lamarce Tart; $49,000.

* 8 Oak Knoll; from John W. Blatz; to Grant Boehne; $75,000.

* 6020 W. Main; from Wells Fargo Bank; to Angela Hutchinson; $27,500.

* 217 Gettysburg Road; from Jonathan Frederick and Sarah Frederick; to Pia Horton; $146,000.

* 22 Clinton Hill Drive; from Jerry J. Stram and norma C. Stram; to Antonieta V. Fuller; $53,500.


* 515 St. Paul Drive; from Wayne Cripps; to Luvina Smith and Steveland Kidd; $8,000.


* 155 Forest Oaks Drive; from McBride & Son Residential; to Jason A. Sherril and Lindsay M. Gyuriseck; $349,500.

* 232 Bethel Meadows Road; from Mary F. Ortiz and Ricardo Ortiz; to Andras G. Aia and Julian King-Aia; $120,000.


* 9527 Holy Cross Road; from Kenneth Bunetic; to Joseph V. Bunetic; $19,500.

* 9643 Old Lincoln Trail; from Justin Swires; to Jackie B. Curlee; $120,000.

* 207 N. Point Road; from Brad T. Nunnally and Kimberly Nunnally; to Rhoda T. Harpe; $88,000.

* 6939 Conner Pointe Drive; from Secretary of Veterans Affairs; to Kristen Haider; $145,500 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 321 Glenrock Lane; from Sean Keefe and Tabitha L. Keefe; to Adam A. Wellen and Robyn D. Wellen; $230,000.

* 8041 Jefferson Road; from Harry Odenhnal; to Bob Jordan and Brenda Jordan; $140,000.


* 550 Admiral Wendt Parkway; from Garrett E. Johnson and Herschel E. Johnson Real Estate & Development LLC; to William Villiger and Peggy Villiger; $244,000.

* 566 Admiral Wendt Parkway; from Garrett E. Johnson and Herschel E. Johnson Real Estate & Development LLC; to Joseph Wagner and Jamie Wagner; $240,000.


* 15 Ravenwood Circle; from David K. Curlee and Jackie B. Curlee; to Richard Cecil and Sarah Cecil; $145,000.

* 702 Juniper Drive; from Joshua B. Kinney and Holly E. Kinney; to Nicole Smith; $83,000.


* 111 Lucia Lane; from The Bank of New York; to Bank of America; $58,500.


* 5751 Horseman Ridge; from Bob Jordan and Brenda Jordan; to Jo Ann Mealy; $155,000.


* 9 Shawn Drive; from Wells Fargo Financial Illinois Inc.; to Brian N. Monken; $17,000.



* 801 Herbert St.; from David Goen; to Walter R. McDonald; $54,000.


* 314 Garesche St.; Harold R. Parker; to Mark Finch; $96,000.

* 1 Grandbrook Blvd.; from Marsha L. Brueggemann and Klunk Family Real Estate Preservation Trust; to Scott T. Adle and Rose E. Adle; $166,500.

* 105 Cottage Drive; from Ethel A. Bauer and Jame R. Mersinger; to Jerry L. Carver and Debra L. Carver; $56,000.


* 1005 Rhondell Lane; from Timothy L. Snyder and Melinda Snyder; to Zachary A. Abdullah and Kristi Durbin; $65,000.

* 322 Westerholdt St.; from Francis L. Graham and Dorothy A. Graham; to Kelly Acker; $91,000.

* 132 Charlene St.; from Impact Ventures LLC; to Stephanie D. Frazer; $78,000.

* 832 Bee Tree Lane; from Erica Dixon and Timothy Dixon; to Jeremy T. Diveley and Amanda N. Diveley; $94,000.


* 311 Barnett Drive; from J. K. Moseley Inc.; to Douglas Shepard and Tina Rotter; $217,000.

* 164 Alden Lane; from Patrick Wollenweber and Amy Wollenweber; to Nathan Sickmeier and Courtney Walsh; $139,000.

* 838 Harvard Drive; from Chad B. Weber, Susan E. Weber, Susan E. Weber Estate; to Erika A. Enos; $162,500.

* 3222 Staunton Road; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Eric Hill and Christina Hill; $16,418 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 4 Grainey Drive; from Janice L. Barlow and Joseh Barlow; to Philip D. Newlon and Karen S. Newlon; $163,500.

* 155 Ginger Hill Court; from Michael Ryan and Kimberly Ryan; to Tracy A. Hitt; $285,000.


* 5905 Rosebud Lane; from Karen Fischer; to Margot B. Gerst; $168,500.

* 713 Lafayette Ave.; from Michael D. Denother and Amy C. Denother; to Ashley M. Wisnasky; $106,000.

* 1818 Paris Drive; from Chad E. Malloy and Andria J. Malloy; to Michael D. Denother and Amy C. Denother; $170,000.


* 2621 Adams St.; Christopher Von Nida; to Kevin Kline and Andrew A. Kline; $70,000.

* 703 28th St.; from Robert L. Pickerell Jr. and Kathryn M. Pickerell; to Aaron Moxey; $62,000.

* 3013 Edgewood Ave.; from Gwendolyn Freeman; to Milburn K. Gardner and Leigh A. Gardner; $34,000.

* 3846 Pontoon Road; from Pontoon Beach Church of Christ; to Cornerstone Christian Church; $150,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 2845 Fortune Drive; from Christopher J. Robinson and Mandy R. Robinson; to Jonathan J. Morlen; $80,000.

* 3217 Wayne Ave.; from Gayla D. Bennett; to Rachel A. Rowlett; $72,500.

* 2728 Saratoga St.; from Impact Ventures LLC; to Seth D. Paterson; $81,500.


* 7021 W. Main St.; from Sara Fernandez and Jason Fernandez; to John H. Carr II and Cecelia R. Carr; $132,000.


* 2359 Triad Road; from Fred J. Hess and Matilda M. Hess Residuary Trust; to Daren R. Otten, Matilda M. Hess, Fred Joseph Hess Trust; $311,000.


* 8603 Lebanon Road; from Paulette Archer and Harry B. Archer; to Louie Tettaton and Courtney Tettaton; $162,500.

* 1305 Rutledge Drive; from Lerch Homes Inc.; to Joseph M. Caradonna and Kristen A. Caradonna; $264,500.

* 107 McArthur Drive; from Shirley Flinn; to Eric S. Heyen and Courtney Ostendorf; $185,000.

*8309 Castle Ridge Drive; tim Koenig; to Jeremy L. Blackwell and Cassie R. Blackwell; 38,000.

* 516 Patton Drive; Douglas Pierard and Jill I. Pierard; to Jason Fernandez and Sarah Fernandez; $222,000.


* 430 Illinois Ave.; from Ron Harris; to Bradley T. Isbell; $97,500.

* 337 Vanpreter Ave.; from Jeffrey A. Colborn, James L. Colborn, Shirley M. Colborn; to Nicole A. Phipps; $60,000.


* 8625 Possum Hill Road; from Carrie Aitchison; to Amy A. Peach; $154,500.



* 134 Adam Lane; from Cynthia S. Gross and Wayne E. Gross; to Brian J. Mehrtens to Robyn R. Mehrtens; $200,000.

* 3 Country Lane; from Peggy L. Stadtmiller and Thomas H. Stadtmiller; to Scott A. Nobbe; $320,000.

* 1205 Franke Drive; from Monroe Homes Inc.; to Elizabeth Cadwallader and Kyle Cadawallder; $289,000.


* 714 Evansville Ave.; from Kevin P. Eichelmann; to Joshua R. Frank; $130,000.

* 6209 Maeystown Road; from Leon R. Kohlmeier; to Christine m. Lohrberg and Thor W. Lohrberg; $1,082,500.

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