Sound-off: 2/3/14

February 3, 2014 

Where can I buy U.S.?

In response to Phyllis Geske's letter to the editor, I would love to "Buy American." Any idea or suggestions as where to find "American" made products?

Township's bad carpet

I am proud to say I have worked for Caseyville Township for a number of years now and I for one am glad to finally see the board do something about the township office furniture, chairs, and carpeting. We have been "getting by" for more than 35 years with the same old stuff and we were in dire need of some upgrades. Our carpet was completely worn out, duct taped together and a hazard to walk on. In addition, whomever complained that the board meetings are behind closed doors is totally off cue. Nothing has ever been behind closed doors except the bathroom. Money was spent to provide security and a safe work environment, there was no "wasteful spending" here, it was a necessary and needed expenditure.

Get out of jail free

You can tell it's nearing election time in St. Clair County when Brendan Kelley sponsors "clean slate day." Why should people have their warrants lifted just because they don't show up to court only to need to reappear in the future? If that's a problem, run a satellite court once or twice a month below the hill. The county probation department does work with you to work off ticket fines, and many nonprofits do benefit from those who do have the initiative to go this route. Far better for the community than Brendan Kelley's free passes.

Park at mayor's house

Attention to all plumbers, painters, traffic products, dump truck owners, etc. According to the mayor of Swansea, you can park your truck anywhere on residential property and residential streets if your truck is licensed. How about in front of the mayor's house, our block is almost filled.

Money for schools

What is going on with our state is criminal. The leadership is dumping more money, $30 million into East St. Louis schools while they allow other school districts to struggle financially. Districts such as Granite City, Collinsville and Edwardsville are tightening their budgets, cutting programs and laying people off while more money is sent to East St. Louis to be wasted. Shame on our state leadership. Time to vote them all out of office.

No work? Open bridge

I'm driving down Interstate 64 and passing the entrance to the new bridge. It's been three weeks since I've seen anybody working down here. Not any equipment, no workers working. If we are ready to open the bridge, why are we still having the lane closed and all this traffic mess around it?

Update Delaney suit

There was a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against former county clerk Bob Delaney. Can anyone tell me how it was settled and at what cost to taxpayers?

Cops hog doughnuts

I'm sick and tired of the Belleville police and St. Clair County sheriff's deputies hanging out every morning at QuikTrip. They are rude and have no respect for the regular customers. They gather and talk in front of the coffee pot, blocking quick access to get in and out of the store. They also take up about four or five parking spots and on busy days there is no place to park. Get your coffee and donuts and go hang out on your own parking lot.

Illinois points of pride

Only in bankrupt and corrupt Illinois would legislators and the Governor be proud to legalize marijuana , approve same-sex marriage and raise speed limits to an unsafe 70 mph. Way to go, dummies.

Learn English

How many times do you call for assistance and you are connected to an individual you cannot understand? If you want to come to this country where we pay for your health care, education, etc., learn the language. Message to all politicians -- you want to reduce unemployment in America , hire the vet and Americans.

Religious holidays

I just received a money-saving idea that might save taxpayers millions. Our federal government tells us our children cannot pray in schools, we should not have God or prayer basically anywhere in our work place, should not have God on our money, cannot say Merry Christmas, cannot use the Ten Commandments in or on government installations, etc. So federal, state and local employees should not participate in Christmas, Easter, Good Friday and Thanksgiving celebrations, which honor the God that our government is eliminating from many facets of American life. Then we can get our mail delivered, because they will be just another day, right? Oh yeah, the Supreme Court, Senate, House and all government offices can be open, too, with no overtime to pay because those days are just another day. Why not work Sundays, too. I mean, that used to be a day to worship, but now it's just another day. What do you think, voters?

Coked over crooked

I'd rather have a judge on coke than a crooked judge. My cousin had to go to prison for having sex with a girl and it wasn't rape. Sprague's brother-in-law raped a woman and he don't have to go to prison nor does he have to register as a sex offender. I want the same justice as Harry Halter: no prison, no sex-offender registration.

Cupcake lessons

What a hard lesson for Chloe Sterling. Yes, there are rules to be followed, but certainly there is a certified kitchen out there. Remember, where there is a will there is a way.

God in our schools

Act of God: Isn't it ironic that public schools are not allowed to have prayer in school yet they use God to excuse teachers and students from making up snow days. Good message for our children: Only use God when it works for us.

Photo size matters

It amazes me, you run a picture of one person playing tennis with 12 inches of asphalt showing and another picture with eight people and you can't see their faces. Why run big pictures that don't have much meaning? Consider the content.

Go green, Lindenwood

It appears Lindenwood needs to purchase a cardboard compactor. Their Dumpsters are overflowing. Go green.

Injustice for some

The judicial system gave the heroin distributor 10 years and the crooked judge 18 months? He should get 5 or 10 years the same as the seller. This is absurd. St. Clair County's judicial system works for special people.

PO'd in Collinsville

It's a shame the downtown Collinsville post office is shutting down. I can't believe the Collinsville political leaders will allow this to happen. The residents of Collinsville need to protest to keep this open, because it's conveniently located downtown. The new one is out of town.

Bicentennial video

I wonder if Belleville will show their "60 Minutes" experience for their bicentennial celebration.

Letters lack facts

I agree with Lee Pitzer's letter of Saturday, so many letters are written by people who don't deal in facts.

Felon's wife takes seat

How can anybody take Washington Park seriously with the problems they have. And now the indicted ex-trustee gets his wife appointed to a seat? Can't say anything because it's racism, but how can you take any of these towns seriously?

Sheriff's campaign

Why are you so insistent on publishing how much money Sheriff Hertz has raised compared to his opponent John Lakin? Forget the money. We are a poor county. Because people like Hertz is collecting $43,00 for his election. We need good men, not people who are sexual harassers. Lakin seems to be a very honest candidate who has done plenty of good things along the way.

Paralyzed at shop

My son is still in the hospital as he was viciously shot in his jewelry and pawn shop in East St. Louis nine months ago today. He is paralyzed from the chest down for life. His wife and four children are all financially ruined, and physically and mentally. I take great relief in the Hobbs Act and hard work by the prosecutors. I will never forget what happened to my family and I'm sorry my family will never be the same again. I hope Illinois prevents this attempted murderer from getting out so he cannot repeat this horror again.

Wesclin teachers fan

As a New Baden resident I continue to hear rumors of the Wesclin School District and teachers union contract dispute. Being a fair individual I have to side with the teachers on this one. The district, even though building a new high school, is continuing to come up with more and more money to sink into the new and existing schools but they can't allow their teachers to move on the pay scale. Something just isn't right here.

Memo from the mayor

Did Mark Kern and the County Board not get the memo from the mayor about having civility and good manors during all meetings? Bathon's retirement was about $90,000 a year, a local judge was $84,000 a year, so what is Fire Chief Lanxon's and the lieutenant who retired from the St. Clair County sheriff's department pension? Are they also eligible for Social Security when they reach that age? Governor of Illinois talks about too high of pensions for state workers, which is a contributing factor of why Illinois is going broke. Gee, go figure. I'd like to see the BND post some of these pensions by our city, county and state folks. Why didn't we give MidAmerica Airport to Boeing to expand there and bring all the jobs to this area -- you know a runway would have been a great incentive. After all, you gave Belleville West away for $1. Where was that proposal? Nobody wants to give up power and control.

Cost cutting by death

This is how Gov. Quinn is solving the pension crisis. He has taken away medical and prescription drug insurance from retirees. Now retirees can either buy their own insurance or take a Medicare Advantage plan which costs the state nothing, but costs retirees huge co-pays. If retirees can't afford all the co-pays they will quit seeing doctors, and taking their prescriptions and then retirees will die sooner, then no more pension.

Rail overpass needed

If the statements about the railroad blockages in East St. Louis and the mayor's statement about the law against that are true, this would seem like a great opportunity for personal injury lawyers to start filing class action lawsuits if anyone is actually injured or has another kind of problem because of this outrageous blockage. This should have been stopped years ago and they should have been forced to build an overpass for the cars rather than have the cars stop for them.

Sherman's rant

Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman's rant after the game, he had to bring in it could be racism. He needs to look in the mirror, he's not funny

We need more slots

Don't understand all the controversy in expanding the gambling industry. All slot machines bring in much needed revenue to the state. No citizen is forced to play them and no one business should hold the monopoly on them. It is competition that provides the customer with the best product.

Quinn's pandering

Wow. Gov. Quinn is so hell-bent on reelection that he has forgotten he doesn't have to pander to Medicaid recipients by offering more benefits. He gets all those voters in East St. Louis or Chicago whether they are alive or dead.

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