Another major winter storm bearing down on metro-east

News-DemocratFebruary 3, 2014 

Not yet sick of winter weather?

Well, maybe the forecast Tuesday will push you over the brink.

The National Weather Service predicts that up to six inches of sleet and snow could fall on the region starting Tuesday morning, not letting up until about 24 hours later.

"Snow will develop in east central Missouri, and reach the Belleville area probably between 2 and 4 p.m.," National Weather Service meteorologist Jon Carney said. "It will continue for most of the night and will probably add up to 3-5 inches of snow in the Belleville area before it's all over."

According to Carney, the St. Louis region in an average winter sees about 11.1 inches of snow up to this point. So far this year it has received nearly double what residents are used to -- about 21.5 inches.

In addition to being snowier than usual, Carney said it has been a little bit colder than average, too.

The typical mean temperature for January in the St. Louis area is 31.8 degrees. During January this year the mean temperature was 4.3 degrees colder.

"It's a little bit cooler, but nothing significant, especially compared to how much more snow we have had than usual," Carney said. "I think it seems like it's colder than usual to a lot of people this winter because the last couple of winters we had have been so mild. But we do live in a part of the country where it can get pretty cold in wintertime."

Carney added that roller coaster-like temperature chances may make the colds seem colder.

"We had a high of 60 degrees, which is very unseasonably warm," Carney said. "And then we had a day where it was 8 degrees below zero, the first time it had been that low in the area since 1999. So the variance has been pretty extreme."

The high will reach 30 on Tuesday with a low of 20. On Wednesday the high will reach 26. After the snow stops the temperature will plunge Wednesday night with an overnight low of 4 forecast. On Thursday the high is expected to be 15 and on Friday it looks like the mercury will top out at 22.

Then snow re-enters the picture Saturday when there is a 40 percent chance of snow Saturday in the afternoon and evening hours.

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