Washington Park man guilty of stealing steel drums

February 6, 2014 

A Washington Park man was convicted of theft by a jury on Wednesday after police said he took 360 steel drums.

Horatio A. Sumrall, 48, of 1401 N. 54th St. in Washington Park, was found guilty on Wednesday. St. Clair County Circuit Judge Zina Cruse revoked his bond and set the matter for sentencing on March 19.

According to the court records, Sumrall knowingly gained control over 360 stolen steel drums with a total value of $16,000. The drums belonged to Greig Packaging.

The theft is a class two felony with a possible jail term of up to seven years, but Sumrall may be facing a longer prison sentence because of a previous federal conviction.

Sumrall was arrested Feb. 20, 1992, by the U.S. Marshal for drug and weapons offenses. He was later convicted and sentenced to 30 years in prison. In March, 1995, the sentence was reduced to 24 years in prison. On March 28, 2005, Sumrall was released form prison on parole.

Sumrall is still awaiting trial for unlawful possession of a stolen vehicle and unlawful possession of vehicle registration, unlawful dumping and pollution charges.

The current case was investigated by the Metro East Auto Theft Task Force. St. Clair County Assistant State's Attorneys Amanda Fischer and Lizzie Lehde prosecuted the case.

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