Where's a phone booth when you need it?

February 8, 2014 

One of the things that I have been noticing is the annoying people on their cell phones using some hands-free device. Now I can hear their entire uninterrupted conversation.

Some of the things I heard, because of the loud talking, included, "did you smell that woman's perfume, it almost gassed me?" The two that I remember were taking place at LAX in California. One was, "This must be the decade of the dumb kids' name." The other was, "I bought a condo for my son in San Diego while he was in college, sold it when he graduated, and made enough on it to pay for his education." (This one was interesting.)

Some of these conversations are about as ridiculous as this letter. Whatever happened to phone booths? I guess texting took over for that.

Jim Preston


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