Health laws on baking don't make sense

February 8, 2014 

I read with interest the story of the little girl who bakes cupcakes in her home for sale at a very reasonable cost and for donation to very worthy causes. I heard that after a complaint, the Madison County health department closed down her little operation. How sad. Unfortunately, due to the law regarding cottage foods in Illinois, the health department had no choice.

We do have a choice to stand up for Chloe Stirling and for hundreds of other cooks and bakers who look to provide their homemade goods to those who would like to purchase them. Are we not capable of making these decisions? If the food isn't good, can we not make the decision to find another supplier?

It is time for Illinois to allow home food providers to be able to provide this food without rules that effectively make it impossible for most.

I can bake a lovely cake and sell it at a farmer's market, but I cannot hand it off at the front door. This makes no sense. If you agree, and if you think that what happened to Chloe is a little ridiculous, please sign the petition here: I am not saying that there shouldn't be some rules regarding labeling and holding sanitation certifications. These would allow buyers to know what they are getting, and have the security of knowing that the food provider has taken a class in food safety.

Kathleen Cherie

Elk Grove Village

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