What about honor, integrity?

February 8, 2014 

Recently I have read my Belleville News-Democrat only to come across similar articles pertaining to two of our "upper brass" in the U.S. military.

These two high-ranking officers swore under oath to, among other things, have honor and integrity. Air Force, Army, Navy, etc., what difference does it make? These particular men written about in the articles held top-secret clearances and were in charge of highly classified information only to succumb to bribes, deviant behaviors, etc.

Then we have several military personnel caught up in the Secret Service scandal. Is it any wonder no matter what rank or branch of the military it continues?

Our own family has been affected by a family member's poor decision-making. All the while this enlisted member's job in the military was and still is military intel. Yes, he still has his job. Why not? If the upper brass can conduct themselves in such a way, get a slap on the hand, keep their retirement, what stops an enlisted member?

What has happened to honor, integrity and taking an oath? Gone? I certainly hope not. If we lose that, we lose everything.

Corinne Stone


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