Real estate: What's the selling price on your neighbor's home?

February 9, 2014 



* 701 St. Clair Ave.; from John M. Durako; to Jennifer B. Elam; $75,000.

* 614 W. Monroe St.; from Barry A. Billings; to Three Red Towers LLC; $37,000.

* 239 Kansas Ave.; from Ted C. Witkus; to Jacob M. Witkus; $67,000.

* 2703 London Lane; from D & F Contracting Inc.; to Matthew K. Wilkens; $243,000.

* 2220 Cotswold Circle; from Bradley Dimatteo; to Toni M. R. Mitchell; $134,000.

* 10 Castle Court; from Melissa Chadduck and Paul Chadduck; to James Monteith and Miranda Monteith; $147,000.


* 117 Lazarcheff Drive; from Ruby Gardner; to Terry S. Rutledge and Linda M. Rutledge; $22,500.

* 1931 Marseilles Drive; from Robert R. Raffety and Carol Yovandich; to William C. Jennings and Kim M. Jennings; $44,000.


* 148 Forest Oaks Drive; from McBride & Son Residential; to Douglas P. Best; $259,500.


* 642 Florrence Ave.; from Brian E. Koch and Cathy J. Koch; to Timothy Hodge and Jessica Stahl; $111,500.


* 2918 Bond Ave.; from Lucinda Pearl Kaid; to Jacob G. Alexander; $26,000.


* 417 Erin Drive; from Rachel Embrich aka Rachel Budko and Michael Budko; to Kevin L. Jensen; $144,500.

* 202 Merriweather Lane; from Trisha M. Quillen; to Stephen M. Tassallo and Pauline Brinkley-Tassallo; $50,000.

* 6824 Tara Manor Drive; from McBride & Son Residential; to Patrick E. Bailey and Vanessa A. Bailey; $185,000.


*4359 Lone Star Road; from Brian K. Schneider; to Michael K. Osborn and Lexie A. Osborn; $100,000.

* 6 N. Vine; from Ralph Pruitt; to William Andrew and Amanda Lebrier; $137,000.


* 3000 Eckert Road; from Eric J. Muir and Sherry L. Muir; to Paul E. Bickel and Bonnie J. Bickel; $200,000.


* 3306 Terrace View Court; from Renee A. Folkerts; to The Borkowski Family Trust; $180,000.


* 408 S. Clinton St.; from The Heirs and Devisees of Dorothy A. Huber, Deceased; to Daniel Northway and Laura Northway; $20,000.


* 1035 Catalpa Drive; from Paul Fedro and Carole Fedro; to Thomas H. Smith; $280,000.

* 213 Evergreen Drive; from Robyn Renee Church aka Roby Scott; to Brian C. Jackson and Karen J. Jackson; $145,000.

* 1109 Peachtree Court; from Todd Hackney and Kimberly Hackeny; to Albert Secrest and Jennifer Secrest; $218,000.


* 1180 Cromwell Lane; from Harold D. Wescott and Nicko E. Wescott; to Cartus Corp.; $230,000.

* 921 Calista Ridge Drive; from Simone Elkat; to Michael T. Calfo and Rebecca D. Calfo; $239,000.



* 3301 Agnes Blvd., Steven Johns; to Amanda Henningfeld; $134,000.


* 20 Brookwood Drive; from Kimberly A. Sickage and Dana S. Jenkins; to Michael Hayes and Karen Hayes; $177,500.

* 218 Harrison St.; from Morco Investors LLC; to Nicholas J. Biersbach; $65,000.


* 13 Airwood Drive; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Stacey E. Marks; $78,182 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 605 Lincoln Ave.; from FMB Family Trust; to William C. Dowdy and Marcia N. Dowdy; $65,500.


* 9 W. Lockhaven Court; from Leroy L. Gori and Earl L. Gori; to Jonthan Gierich and Rachel Gierich; $235,000.

* 4036 Sequoia Drive; from Kathleen D. Hustava; to Matthew J. Sidarous and Mallory J. Sidarous; $195,000.

* 5567 N. State Route 159, Tina Stockert and Robert A. Stockert; to Colin Rupprecht and Holly Rupprecht; $155,000.

* 735 Yale Ave.; from Pauline L. Heldebrand and William H. Heldebrand; to Kristen S. Schmidt and Betty L. Schmidt; $120,000.


* 24 Charles Drive; from Jonathan A. Gierich and Rachel Gierich; to Marsha L. Brooks; $197,500.

* 7024 Augusta Drive; from The Bluestone Group LLC; to Gayla D. Bennett; $182,500.


* 6306 Florida Ave.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Eric E. Nolte; $241,000.


* 109 Wilson Park Lane; from Richard A. Koerper and Bertha A. Koerper; to Katherine A. Castillo; $50,000.

* 3128 Harvard Place; Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Shiree Bartlett and Margaret Hermeyer; $58,425 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 3244 Wayne Ave.; from Heather Mitchell; to Stephanie R. Worthen; $56,000.

* 58 Steele Drive; from Foreman Homes Inc.; to Nathan Coppedge and Julie Glasgow; $204,000.


* 60 Rosin Drive; from Michael L. Mueller and Rebecca R. Mueller; to Evan Taylor and Courtney Liening; $190,000.

* 115A Warren Manor; from Steve A. Korte and Brenda M. Korte; to Kenneth D. Royer Jr.; $152,000.

* 245 N. Porte Drive; from First National Bank of Staunton; to Jeremy P. Massa and Rachel L. Massa; $195,000.


* 1540 6th St.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Judith A. Smittick; $22,900 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 20 Rosewood Drive; from Abigail Bass and Aaron Bass; to Melissa Aubuchon; $128,000.

* 2250 Amberleigh Drive; from Kenneth J. Jones; to Kimberly N. Sanford; $225,000.


* 13820 Pierland Court; from Lynn M. Rinderer and Paul J. Rinderer; to Todd E. Zobrist and Jessica L. Zobrist; $205,000.

* 29 E. Deer Run ; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Frederick A. Pierce and Jennifer Pierce; $89,939 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 2011 Grandview Drive; from Renfro Construction Inc.; to Chad Nauman and Marcelyn Nauman; $281,000.

* 10376 Carrollton Drive; from Joshua J. Helton and Jennifer Helton; to Penn Builders LLC; $49,000.


* 910 Carla Drive; from Baljinder K. Pannu; to Nathan Litteken; $120,000.

* 336B Jarvis Court; from Deanna Brooks; to Deborah J. Wallace; $178,500.

* 10 Stonebrook; from Wilburn H. Long Jr. and Carol A. Long; to Troy J. Kemper and Keri L. Kemper; $219,000.

* 413 Chamberlain Drive; from Construction Solutions 4U Inc.; to Kyle D. Collins and Deanna L. Brooks; $317,000.


* 399 Jennings Ave.; from Peggy D. Ellis and Ramona L. Determan; to Kelly M. Brooks; $58,000.



* 518 N. Rapp Ave.; from Eugene Bergmann, Trustee, Mary Habermehl, Trustee, Mark Roessler, Trustee, Louis J. Schneider Revocable Trust; to Dale Haudrich, George Obernagel, Russell A. Walster; $50,000.

* 212 W. Locust; from Suburban Journal of Greater St. Louis; to Eric Frierdich; $120,000.

* 2623 Brookfield Court; from Rebecca A. Miller and Thomas L. Miller; to Jimmy Rhyne and Lindsey Rhyne; $171,000.

* 254 Gall Road; from Joyce Rose and Kenneth Rose, Deceased; to Kimberly A. Dailey and Michael G. Dailey; $130,000.

* 907 High Ridge Drive; from Kelli D. Hofstetter and mIchael W. Hofstetter; to Ellen M. Emmerich and Scott A. Verseman; $260,000.

* 366 N. Ridge Road; from Matthew W. Burkemper and Sandra J. Burkemper; to Killi D. Hofstetter and Michael W. Hofstetter; $365,000.

* 8510 High Meadows Drive; from Jennifer N. York and Nathan G. York; to David W. Pashia and Jessica A. Pashia; $231,000.

104 S. Riebeling St.; from Searchlight Properties Inc.; to Ryan O'Daniell; $190,000.

* 22 Eagle Crest; from Dewain J. Flinn, Helen K. Flinn, Patricia A. Hoock, Donna M. King; to Donna M. King; $100,000.


* 2447 G Road; from Larry W. McFadin and Shirley A. McFadin, Deceased; to Angela M. Crawford and Brett M. Crawford; $270,000.

* 4054 Rolling Hills; from Elizabeth D. Anderson; to Jimmie L. White and Judy P. White; $198,000.


* 5714 Kaskaskia Road; from Bank of America; to Chalmas Williams; $117,500.

* 506 Mobile St.; from Carrie Gower and Eric Gower; to Keely B. Meehan; $117,500.

* 5256 State Route 156; from Helen L. Broth Trust, Roger Brown, Co-Trustee and Diane m. Schwartz, Co-Trustee; to Sheila J. Brown; $177,500.

* 3120 State Route 156; from Marilyn L. Asinger, Trustee, Danie M. Dietz Revocable Living Trust, Stanley E. Erb, Trustee; to Crystal L. Becker and Joshua M. Becker; $110,000.

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