Silence is hurting Christians

February 10, 2014 

Christians, facing destruction of churches and mass murder, are being purged from countries dominated by Muslim fanatics. Christians are disparaged here in America by the Obama government. Christian symbols and veteran memorials are banned from public places on the false premise of separation of church and state.

The Ten Commandments, Christmas carols and pageants now are prohibited in our schools. Have we forgotten that Nazi atrocities against Jews started this way?

Who bears responsibility for this shameful abuse?

Secular progressives gaining power with vote-buying welfare have taken control of high levels of government. These elitists reject

moral limits to their agenda to control our lives and property. Christian churches have surrendered their free speech birthright and nullified our Bill of Rights protection from government abuse. Christian majorities oppose liberal elitists on issues of abortion, homosexual marriage and Islamic infiltration.

Christians support constitutional government. Regrettably, their misinformed votes often elect liberal progressive politicians who pass laws hostile to the Constitution and the Christian faith.

Christian pastors' silence on threats to our freedom stems from fear of the IRS eliminating their church's tax exemption. Progressive politicians have purchased the "silence of the lambs" with tax policy.

As leaders of the flock, pastors have a moral duty to inform parishioners of the hazards to the Christian faith from secular progressive government officials. Christians are not bound under Romans 13 to be subject to officials who violate Scripture.

Ron Davinroy


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