Caught in avalanche of snow coverage

February 10, 2014 

I've just about had it with all news channels. For a week (at least) the American public was warned about a recent snow storm. Well, I think the media thinks we must all be idiots because as soon as it started snowing every channel interrupted their regular broadcast with a "news bulletin." We know.

I sat and watched "live feeds" from St. Charles, North St. Louis, Interstate 270 and everywhere in between. I'm just shocked that the media didn't tell everyone the wind was blowing with a live feed of a tree blowing back and forth.

Give me a break. After a summer of 100-plus degrees for several days in a row, what was to be expected? There had to be more going on in this world than just snowing in St. Louis.

Oh, and one more thing: Running to the grocery store before it snows is really a waste of time and money. The odds of someone starving to death in their home with 5 to 8 inches of snow on the ground are highly unlikely.

Charlotte Kilzer


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