Lame thinking prevails

February 10, 2014 

While shivering under the effects of this global warming trend, I was approached with an odd inquiry. Why is it that secular schools are campaigning for "act of God" but religious schools are left out in the cold?

I was informed that a metro-east religious school was denied this privilege because the building housed religious artifices. Ironic, wouldn't you say? Only in a liberal society would you see such hypocrisy.

I had another moment of insight into the thinking of liberals by a recent article concerning legislation that would require a super-majority to pass lame-duck legislation. State House Speaker Mike Madigan actually has a problem with this?

I've always been frustrated at the amount of stupidity that gets passed during this time, because many of the bill sponsors face no repercussion. I've always felt that those who are voted out should immediately lose their voting power. This period of time between Election Day and the following legislative year is a period that is rife with corruption.

That Madigan would regard this safeguarding legislation as "handcuffing" legislators shows how completely out of touch Chicago politicians are with mainstream Illinoisans. Contact your legislators and let them them know that we are sick and tired of lame-duck legislation being passed under the radar.

James J. Price


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