Life without government subsidies

February 13, 2014 

My family members have been Macoupin County farmers since 1844. From that perspective, I comment on the Washington Post editorial published recently in the Belleville News-Democrat regarding milk subsidies to farmers.

The editorial is factually correct. But it should be put in perspective. Government should not subsidize any business, large or small, or any private union directly or indirectly. That's not free enterprise. That's crony capitalism.

American farmers produce the highest quality food at lowest consumer cost anywhere. Here's why. Historically, farming has been subject to "creative destruction." That means only the truly efficient farmer survives. That's brutal, but consumers benefit.

Continued subsidization of the union fictional "prevailing wage" plus the never-ending government payment to the UAW pension fund dwarf all federal payments to farmers. The "prevailing wage" is not market tested. Competitive bidding by individual bidders plus union members can do that. Prosperous states do that. Bankrupted Illinois does not.

There is hope. Elimination of the corrupt prevailing wage plus GM-type bailout of UAW workers and government-mandated closed shops would create full employment at no cost to taxpayers.

Let private business create and fund all projects. Cancel all government green energy projects.

Loren E. Klaus

Glen Carbon

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