Advice to Obama on tackling that to-do list

February 13, 2014 

I caught the president's annual State of the Union address on TV. It reminded me of the honey-do list that my wife has provided me. Like his State of the Union to-do list, many of my line items are ill-defined, often prefaced with, "Wouldn't it be nice if..." Details are not included and remember what the devil warns about that. I've found that "shovel ready" is actually a misnomer.

Like the POTUS list, some items on mine have been there for years and years. These are either too big or too complicated to undertake without assistance. Perhaps the president should check his ego at the door, swallow his pride and try to enlist congressional support rather than go it alone.

I don't always agree with things placed on my list. I dutifully add them to the list but in the back of my mind I'm thinking, "When hell freezes over." From the look on House Speaker John Boehner's face, I think he relates.

My projects require buy-in from my spouse before I proceed and final consensus to declare victory. I learned this the hard way. I once modified my wife's vision in the execution phase. I thought I had a better way to skin that particular cat. I won't make that mistake again. Ditto for the POTUS.

The president wants 2014 to be a year of action. Don't we all? That's a good New Year's resolution but you know what often happens to such bold promises. Best of luck.

Bill Malec


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