Proud of conservative values

February 14, 2014 

Writer Kevin Gagen can denigrate conservatives all he wants, but the truth is we conservatives believe in the things that have made this country great: that marriage is only between a man and woman, that Americans should fight to defend their country when necessary, that people should work to achieve their ends instead of just taking government handouts, that abortion is wrong, and that crime should be punished.

We conservatives are proud of our name and don't change it to disguise it like liberals do. They can call themselves progressives if they please, but that does not change the fact that they are the same old communist-inspired nanny staters they always were. And as far as the improvements that have been made in this country, they resulted from amending the Constitution, not ignoring it as President Obama is doing.

Gagen would have you believe that all rich people are conservatives and that we dominate the news media. I don't know what Gagen has been smoking, but he should change his brand. There are just as many rich liberals as conservatives and all polls will point out that most of the TV news stations and major newspapers are left wing.

Gagen's letter, full of big words and lack of facts, only reinforces the concept that liberals are a bunch of educated idiots.

Leon Anderson


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