Satire is different than hate speech

February 14, 2014 

The anonymous caller to the BND who called me hypocritical for being opposed to letter writer Jim Walters' hateful screeds while supporting Glenn McCoy's political cartoons is so far off base it's unbelievable. Does he not understand political satire (McCoy) as opposed to out-and-out hate speech?

Walters says the same hateful stuff over and over again in his little four- or five-sentence letters. It doesn't take a real bright individual to write over and over again that God doesn't exist, the Bible is a comic book, and all things conservative are bad while all things liberal are good.

Even though the caller may not agree with McCoy's take on some things, he must admit he does think about the subject matter and his cartoons are up-to-date.

As to my letters, I think the caller will find that they are well-researched even though he may not agree with my ideas on some things, and that is his right, I hope he does a little bit of research before he starts calling folks names or making asinine assertions as he did in his recent phone call to the paper.

Larry McClintick


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