Oh, the teeth gnashing

February 15, 2014 

Oh boy. I expected temper tantrums from letter writer Roddy Riggs, Larry McClintick, Terry Hunt and the rest of the Limbaughites and Fox News minions once they read my letter that stated the illustrious Barack Obama will go down in history as one of the greatest presidents ever born. But I didn't expect such rage as to cause their bodies to tremble, their teeth to gnash together and their nostrils to snort fire.

Actually, I thought they'd be up in arms about my advice that nobody should support a U.S. Republican Senate and another "do-nothing" Republican Congress in the 2014 election because the Republican leadership is controlled by radical confederates who'd just as soon see this country shut down for good. I also advised people to get their kids ready for war if Republicans won the majority of federal offices this year.

I don't blame these people for not speaking up for their Republican Party; however, since they continuously sermonize about the shortcomings of Obama, I challenge them to name five accomplishments the Republicans have made to deserve support in 2014. If they can't name five, I'll accept four. Even three.

By the way, McClintick suggested I get mental help for my senseless drivel. Funny he should say that. I was thinking the same for him and his fellow minions, because no sane people are abusive of a leader who strives to improve the living conditions of his countrymen unless they really are afflicted mentally.

Frankie Seaberry


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