VIDEO: Belleville school kids tell us what they would do as president

February 16, 2014 

We asked Javontay Kerby, 13: What would you do if you were president?


We talked to students at Abraham Lincoln Elementary School in Belleville.

"I would give every school maybe six or seven days off for snow days. We only have five. If I was president of the United States, there should be a day where we should all recycle. On Fridays, we recycle at school. Maybe I could give some money to the poor people who don't have money and don't have a home. For fun, I'd ask construction people to make an amusement park for every age, with a pool and a hot tub. And I could name a school after me."

Eliana Lusk, 9


"Well, I would change the taxes and make them go lower and if people don't have insurance, I would make insurance go down so they could afford it. And I would lower gas prices and I would lower electric bills and water bills, all the bills, and that would let people live better. I am the president. I am rich."

Beau Knop, 10


"I would help all the homeless elderly people and give all the elderly people food because they don't have food. For fun, I'd spend time with my family. We'd watch TV together. SpongeBob."

Zion Perry, 6


"I would say to have healthy food like apples and grapes and carrots. I would want everybody in the country to have it and would serve it at the White House. For fun, I'd play football with my family out on the White House lawn."

Caleb Fuhrman, 7


"I would end world hunger. I would buy lots of food and give it to the people who don't have any. I would let people donate the food. My favorite food has to be spaghetti."

Ella Davis, 8


"I would make homeless shelters all around. And I would make dog shelters all around. I have two dogs, Prince, a pit bull mix with American bulldog, and Portia, a cane corso. For fun, I would have a swimming pool and a skate park and I would invite my friends over."

Laila Searcy, 10


"I would help find a cure for cancer and help the poor. I would give money to the poor and give money to the hospitals, probably through fund-raisers. For fun, I'd throw a party."

Tori Ackerman, 11


"I would try my hardest to stop bullying on the streets and in schools. I would start up a stop bullying campaign. When I see bullying, I try to stop it. Sometimes, I go to the teachers and sometimes, I just pull them away. For fun, I will open a new fun park. For the summer, it would have a kiddie pool and it would have some water rides. For the winter, ice skating and snowball fights."

Javontay Kerby, 13


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