Real estate: What's your neighbor's home selling for?

February 16, 2014 

Recent real estate transactions for St. Clair and Madison counties.



* 925 Freeburg Ave.; from Julia Sijka and Jonathan Mindrup; to Empire Comfort Systems Inc.; $18,500.

* 409 S. High St.; from Secretary of Veterans Affairs; to Murphy Shalabi; $38,500 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 621 Garden Blvd.; from Michael Mercurio; to James E. Sayres and Amanda N. Sayres; $142,500.

* 3013 Harvest Meadow Drive; from McBride & Sons Residential; to Yalonda Milton; $215,000.

* 1609 Progress Lane; from Peter Kallas and Michelle Kallas; to Phillip I. Gallon; $137,500.

* 6214 & 6216 W. Washington St.; from Thomas Elliott, Trustee; to Adrenia Sargent; $62,500.

*6501 Old St. Louis Road; from VI, Inc.; to Karen Riggins; $68,000.

* 4 High Forest Drive; from Joseph Roesch and Kristy Roesch; to Ricardo Chambers; $95,000.

* 1508 Comer Drive; from James Alliosn and Nancy Allison; to Jimmy Fine and Virginia Fine; $83,500.

* 338 N. 43rd St.; from Thomas E. Stafford and Mildred J. Stafford; to Vincent D. Stafford; $62,500.

* 2927 Mary Irene St.; from Thomas G. Geiger; to Mark Rickhoff and Kristina Rickhoff; $57,500.


* 723 St. Martin Drive; from Eric Knaust; to Terry S. Rutledge and Linda M. Rutledge; $21,000.

* 905 St. William Drive; from Eric Knaust; to Terry S. Rutledge and LInda M. Rutledge; $28,000.

* 852 St. Bartholomew Drive; from Gloria F. Schwepker; to Jason E. Slade; $28,500.


* 345 Brookside Drive; from Gerold Woodring; to Paul A. Corzine Sr. and Ruby A. Corzine; $14,000.


* 529 N. Second St.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Lori Nieweglowski; $43,600 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 1312 N. 4th St.; from Federal National Mortgage; to David Taylor; $2,000.


* 7022 Conner Pointe Drive; from Alexander M. Sherfy and Renee R. Sherfy; to Ledgestone LLC; $108,000.

* 10710 Lincoln Trail; from MBJP Enterprises LLC; to Daad Land Holdings LLC; $65,000.

* 111 Mt. Vernon Drive; from Michael D. Smothers and Amy M. Smothers; to John W. Juenger and Jessica Juenger; $93,500.

* 19 & 39 Broadstone Drive; from Susan E. McFadden; to Carl Werner; $30,000.

* 66 Chateau Drive; from The Lincoln Real Estate Group Inc.; to Robert P. Moles; $120,000.


* 117 E. Hill St.; from Steven G. Meyer and Dana Meyer; to Keith Pfannebecker and Dawn Pfannebecker; $94,000.

* 203 Alamosa Drive; from Phillip J. Brandenburger and Sarah E. Brandenburger; to Kerry G. Busbin; $125,000.

* 502 N. Main St.; from Leon Furtak; to William R. Groh and Beverly A. Groh; $85,000.

* 412 N. Main St.; from Gregory A. Bechard; to Andrea L. Massey; $84,000.


* 131 McKendree Park; from Seong Choi and Kum Lee; to Jordan P. Mohr; $197,500.


* 802 S. Euclid Ave.; from Johsua E. Nilles and Marcella L. Nilles; to Barbara L. Marks; $87,000.


* 1000 W. Main St.; from Curtis J. Dauber; to City of Mascoutah; $55,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 424 Traver Tine Circle; from JL Schaefer Construction Inc.; to Edard T. Wilkerson and Nancy Wilkerson; $245,000.

* 503 W. Gooding St.; from Peggy R. Dauderman; to Lindsey M. Mueth; $156,500.


* 612 Angela Court; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Roger Fuehne; $19,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 320 N. Cedar St.; from Joyce J. Koesterer; to Robert G. Chura; $79,000.

* 217 N. Oak St.; from James R. Young and Carol M. Young; to Jesse M. Genin; $125,000.


* 13 Eagles Landing Drive; from Jeremy C. Robinson; to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc.; $208,000.


* 5529 S. Woods Manor; from Michelle Huels; to Krista Hinds; $157,000.

* 5617 Seasons Ridge; from Kappert Construction Co.; to Michael J. Walter and Sandra J. Walter; $282,000.

* 212 Cortner Drive; from Rita Boyd; to Lisa Schneider and Phyllis Gabbart; $185,000.


* 5 Weigela Court; from Tricia M. Brennecke and Kenneth R. Albrecht; to Keith A. Chenault and Glenda Chenault; $133,000.

* 194 St. Sabre Drive; from Robert E. Keefe; to Sean Keefe; $138,000.

* 1801 Duncan Ave.; from Keith W. Krull; to T. Lechien, Trustee; $70,000.



* 300 Hazelwood Drive; from Randall D. Horner; to Lori L. Horner; $54,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 2133 Norside Drive; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Molly F. McManis; $41,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 3812 College Ave.; from Rons Illini Inc., Alton Sports Tap Inc., Donald G. Diserens, Starlette M. Diserens; to Eveans Real Estate LLC; $385,000.

* 1709 Liberty St.; from Betty A. Bullock; to Dianne Hite and Bryan Hite; $95,000.

* 3735 Berkley Ave.; from Wally M. Sheaburn; to Melissa A. Jones; $45,000.

* 843 McPherson Ave.; from Carol A. Griffith; to Gary R. Huelsmann and Christine E. Huelsmann; $57,500.


* 100 E. Main St.; from City of Collinsville; to Mainstreet Developers LLC; $650,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 105 Linwood Drive; from Jeff Moss; to Margaret E. Kandel; $127,500.

* 1301 Eileen St.; from Regions Bank; from Nicholas Zimmer and Kimberly M. Claus; $96,000.


* 707 Valley Drive; from Mark D. Kinkard and Tamiko L. Kinkade; to Carey S. Rhoads; $75,000.


* 1 Fairway Drive; from Donald G. Highley and Tracie A. Highley; to David J. Stack and Rachel C. Stack; $435,000.

* 1504 Coles Court; from Matthew D. Barnes and Tonia Barnes; to Joseph Fisher; $260,000.

* 403 Valley View Drive; from Marc G. Brown and Juidith D. Brown; to David H. Decker and Barbara T. Decker; $257,000.

* 801 Chancellor Drive; from Secretary of Veterans Affairs; to Peter A. Cronin; $96,880 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 1449 Eberhart Ave.; from TLPT Properties Inc.; to David Tolie; $110,000.

* 1205 S. Oxfordshire Lane; from Chris Azar and Darlene Azar; to Thomas V. Grove and Christine M. Grove; $525,000.


* 6221 Timberwolfe Drive; from Randy Hoxworth and Robyn Hoxworth; to Daniel James and Tzu Ying Liao; $340,000.

* 140 Meridian Oaks Drive; from S2 Homes LLC; to Virgil D. McMillen and Meghan N. Hard; $292,500.

* 108 Kingsbrooke Blvd.; from Robert Anderson and Erin Anderson; to Jason Palmero; $172,500.


* 200 Meadowlark Drive; from Clyde A. Trucks II and Nancy K. Trucks; to Joseph A. Tricomi and Kara S. Tricomi; $87,000.

* 1106 Camelot Lane; from Seth Crotchett and Erin Crotchett; to Jared Kronable and mary Kronable; $116,000.

* 1230 W. Woodfield Drive; from Eric E. Taylor; to James Mathenia; $87,000.

* 1524 Colonial Drive; from David E. Bellitto and Marisa L. Bellitto; to Brian M. Hayes and Tara M. Hayes; $133,000.


* 1060 St. Thomas Road; from GCS Federal Credit Union; to Stanley M. Watkins to Sandra C. Harper; $128,000.

* 49 Cambridge Drive; from Veda McClelland; to Zebulon W. Moore; $90,000.

* 4041 Sara St.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Jodi A. Parker; $50,773 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 9424 State Route 140; from Hilbert Klenke and Verna Klenke; to Andrew R. Stanfill and Christy Stanfill; $145,000.


* 3575 Boomerang Drive; from Roy D. Eckstrom Jr. and Melissa A. Eckstrom; to Johnathan L. Dial and Tiffany S. Dial; $231,500.


* 9056 Renken Road; from Brian T. Dustman and Karen S. Dustman; to Maret A. Weare; $195,000.


* 8062 Austin Drive; from Wells Fargo Bank; to Diana M. McElligott and Tyler D. McElligott; $182,500.

* 505 Nottingham Drive; from Timothy M. Rose and Anna K. Rose; to Nathan Rushing and Natalie Rushing; $111,500.

* 117 Windsor Drive; from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.; to Tasha Siegel and Eric Wolters; $300,500.

* 212 Red Bird St.; from Fannie Mae; to Kayla Morgan and Seth Tooley; $96,000.

* 438 Eagles Way; from Stephen A. Gregurec and Carolyn A. Gregurec; to Todd Lindow; $120,000.

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